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Respected celestials,

I have been writing for some time now, but my fiction hardly gets any attention from you venerable people. Getting views in just two digits has left me depressed and unable to write.

If anyone here has any suggestions here please feel free to share them with me and if you have the time read my work. I would very much appreciate that.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely


An Unknown Writer

Re: Get my fiction noticed

This site mainly has original fantasy stories

One of your stories is a fanfic with a rather standard idea - Harry joined the Dark Lord and the MC is someone who's a better wizard than Harry. 
The other is... a child/teenage hitman losing his memory and suddenly becoming 'normal' until the past comes back to claim him? Modern setting at least. It says cyberpunk and urban fantasy in the tags, but I don't see any of that in the blurb.

So both your stories fall outside the general interest of the readers here, meaning you face an uphill struggle to start with. 

I'd never read the fanfic. Not because it's yours. I can't remember ever reading a fanfic, it's just not my thing.
As for the other, it doesn't show me anything that I would find interesting. The formatting with the 'scenes' of the man begging for his life or the adoptive mother telling him to go and find a girl turns me off.

These are personal preferences, so don't take it as 100% truth

Re: Get my fiction noticed

I can't speak to the content of your stories because they don't really pique my interest (not my genres) however I noticed on your original, you posted almost all of your chapters five months ago and then you moved to once a month. If you had posted one chapter a day for a week and then gone to a weekly posting schedule you'd have had shot of bringing in new readers every week. Every month you have 29 to 30 days where you aren't on the recently updated chart so people can find you. If you're not posting in here, and you're not out there, you're not going to be seen.

Writing is hard, and it can be hard to divorce ourselves from the numbers, but ultimately, we must write for ourselves. We have to tell our stories because the stories need to be told and not because we want glory and adulation (though, deep down, most of us want internet strangers to affirm us with their lovely comments). You have a story to tell and that's wonderful! You're brave, because you shared that story with the world. It's going to take work. Whether you've been writing for one year or twenty-three there's always much to improve on and no story is going to appeal to everyone. We're all going to get bad reviews, .5 star flybys, and most of us will struggle to find our loyal fanbase for a long time.

Keep writing consistently, keep improving with each chapter, read and comment on stories similar to your own, participate in the community, and in time your readership will rise. It's an old cliche, but writing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Re: Get my fiction noticed

Yes, finally something I can help in!! :)
I am very crafty in how I get views. I've been trending in the horror section for some time now! The number one way to pull in readers is a great cover!
  1. Have a nice cover. this is easer said than done since I can draw... so take your time making your cover or request one on the forums. some people even pay for their cover, its up to you!
  2. Make interesting chapter names. I didn't even do this on purpose. i just have a very wierd sense of humour, but apparently the funniest chapter titles people clicked on the most, and helped increase my views!
  3. Have a set schedule for updates. Even if you don't get a lot of views, you can have a dedicated base that will read your stuff because they know when you will update. On webnovel I have a super tiny audience but they read my stuff all the time because they know I update daily. You don't have to update daily, it can be once a week, heck once a month, but your reader will know when you're good for it. They'll then recommend it to other users.
  4. Upload during the busy hours. Most of the userbase on RR is from the USA or Germany. Most websites peak traffic time is from 12PM to 4 PM, and is even longer on Fri-Sun. So every day i release chapters around 4 PM, and every weekend I release two chapters at 12 and 4 PM
  5. Do reading swaps and reviews with other people on the forums. This can help increase your rating, and improve your writing. My writing vol 1 and vol 1.5 is is so different thanks to the numerous reviews and feedback people have given me and its helped me keep followers and gain viewers.
Miscellaneous Tips
  1. Have a backlog of chapters. I wrote the entirety of vol 1 and 2 for my series before posting it, which was around 2,000 pages. I fixed it as I uploaded it for inconsistency errors, but I was never late with daily updates because I have a huge backlog. You don't have to be crazy like me (I am a perfectionist and can type 20K words in 2 hours because I am crazy) but you can have 7 chapters made ahead of time, so in case anything happens, your scheduled chapters will be ahead of time and you can keep getting views while working on your chapters without worrying. The quality of your writing will increase because you wont be rushing to finish it.
  2. Since I'm crazy, and analyze everything, and i mean everything, I know that people are hardwired to notice things in patterns. I increased viewership for vol 1.5 by putting 4 expositional chapters, then 2 action scenes, and people subconciously will notice the pattern, and know that there will be more, so they will keep reading. Let's keep this a secret between me, you, and everyone else on the internet, okay?
  3. Interact with your followers. I have a thread on here where I randomly update my character designs. I dont know if you can draw like me, but you can still find other ways to interact with your readers through polls, twitter, etc, if you start gaining a big enough base. People seem to like my art thread, it has around 2,000 views at only 2 pages. Its fun because people suggest which character designs to use for my story and it also helps me improve my art!
  4. Become more active in the forum. Kinda speaks for itself.