Re: Self-views in view count

This might sound silly, but I wonder if author's self-views are counted in a chapter's total views?
If I search my book like any other reader and click on a chapter, would it be counted as  a view? If I reply to a comment on my chapter, would that count?

Lastly, is there any way to find out who is reading/following my book? I seem to have no way knowing unless the readers comment or I happen to read the chapter at the same time and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: Self-views in view count

Thanks, @Sleepingdragoon, and @ninjacat007 for your replies.

It looks like we are not going to get any definitive answer until probably one of the mods sees this. 
Sleepingdragoon Wrote: As far as comments are concerned, they don't mean much.

I have found comments quite useful personally, especially the ones pointing out grammar and other mistakes. Of course, it also feels nice when people just like a chapter and leave a token comment -:)

Re: Self-views in view count

I've noticed that my comment reply to a reader's comment is counted in the overall number of comments, so that seems to factor in.

As for views, I'm not really certain. I go to my fiction's page and chapters a lot to make sure that they look good, are formatted well, there are no typos, the images come out well, etc. But I haven't seen this reflected in my total views, I think?
peoconfused I may be wrong, though!