Re: Yes, I know magical school stories are played out. Yes, I wrote another one.

The Cursed Heart is the story of Kayden, a 14-year-old trans boy who's lived his whole life with a curse in his heart. When he's arrested for attacking somebody with it, he's given a choice -- stay where he is, let the court costs bankrupt his family and probably get sent to prison, or accept a scholarship to the world's most prestigious mage school. They'll shield him from the backlash, pay for his legal defense, and most importantly, teach him to control the curse so he won't hurt anyone else.

The offer is blatantly suspicious, but what choice does he have?

Together with his new roommates Max, child prodigy of a wealthy and powerful family trying to balance his own dreams with his duties to bring honour to his family, and Kylie, a prophetess both feared and relied upon for her ability to prophesy great danger and only great danger, Kayden must navigate the tense world of mage politics, foil magical assassins, try not to be convicted of being a magical assassin, and learn the deep, dark secrets of the hidden school that so readily took him in, all while trying very hard not to start any international magical wars.

Oh, and getting grades good enough to graduate would be nice, too.

The Cursed Heart is a complete story, being released chapter by chapter, so there's no danger of it not being finished.