Re: My first book! Feedback appreciated, or even just some attention ;)

I'm writing my first ever book for the ongoing writathon, and I was hoping to get feedback for it or even review swap, as I haven't had any yet despite the 30k words.

It's supposed to be a deconstruction of the isekai genre, where a bunch of ex-isekai protagonists got together to make sure that Earthers don't get summoned by people who only want to use them and toss them aside. The plot revolves around one particular member, who's been through way too much, as he navigates an extremely innocent world investigating some very weird happenings.

There's tons of world building, character interactions and development, and plenty of funny moments where I poke fun at various tropes of the genre while still having an interesting MC and plot. There's also an overarching mystery with new pieces added to the puzzle every few chapters. I hope you like it!

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Fancy title for a silly concept!