Re: Feedback on my title/cover/blurb?

Ill put down my thought process as I go through it.  

Cover makes me think we're exploring an old mansion of some kind.  Some old abandoned house with layers and layers of crazy shit going on inside.  Title reinforces that belief.  

First paragraph, makes me think it's a detective story. 

I don't care for the name "Enzo", makes me think of the little boy Enzo from the cartoon Reboot.  Very annoying little kid.  

"swashbuckling adventurers" I don't know about other people, but I always associate "swashbuckling" with pirates.  Although I know the dictionary says otherwise.  

So first real question I have, why is everyone suddenly motivated to find this "Ilhen's Seventh"?  Where did this "trail of cryptic clues" come from?  What was the impetus for this treasure hunt?

I'm also wondering about the cover now?  The cover is of a mansion of some kind.  Does the treasure hunt take place inside a mansion?

I know these questions sound like I'm asking you to give things away, but the goal of a blurb is to spark the readers imagination.  Everything from the cover-art, the title, and the blurb are all working together to create an image in the readers mind. It's only when the reader's imagination is on fire that they'll deign to read your work.