Re: Any Spiderweb software fans here?

Blades of Exile stole my heart a long time ago. I have so many half-finished scenarios, it's ridiculous. :) I have a whole binder of town maps I designed on graph paper to input. But then it stopped working on modern computers and I drifted off.

The ingenuity of some creators in the BoE community is absolutely incredible. Some of TM's scenarios in particular pushed the limitations of the engine to extremes, working around the hardcoded limits masterfully.

Not counting BoE, Geneforge might be my favourite, though the original Exile: Escape from the Pit would be a close runner from sheer nostalgia. And, come to think of it, Geneforge may be responsible for my love of being a caster with a horde of minions.

I haven't kept up with the more recent releases, somewhere around Avernum 5 they sort of lost the magic for me and started to all feel the same. 

Re: Any Spiderweb software fans here?

exile 3:ruined world
best RPG i EVER played. nothing come close to it as a classical RPG. nothing.
to bad the avernum 3 remake was terrible in comparison.

i loved the friendly talking happy spiders
i loved how after you finish a major story quest dungon you get so many rewards from so many different people, that on many times, i forget to collect some of them
i loved how many magic there are and how varied and interesting and always useful they are
i loved how high rank spells actualy FEEL high rank. you just dont find spells like that anymore...
i loved how as days progress, towns get damaged, and people die, and even whole cities destroyed unless you destroy the monster plague in that area