Re: Why did you choose your name?


AlexaLee Wrote: I was wondering if there’s a story behind your name or did y’all just choose them at random?

There are a wide variety of characters in any story you pick. Take any generic story as an example. Loads and loads of characters, right?

From knights in shining armors to evil old witches and beautiful princesses. From your good ol' sidekick to your insane villain with the most pitiful backstory. From the most hateful and detestable kings that survive till the end to the orphaned cavalryman that dies in a single paragraph.

Main Cast, Side cast, cast-that-appears-only-in-the-form-of-flashback cast, etcetera etcetera. 

We all almost create a whole new world, right? Yet we only focus on the main cast, while others are forgotten forever.

So, as an author, I would like to tell every single one of my creations that whether it be the unsurmountable joy you feel or the excruciating pain you bear, or the love, hate, jealously etcetera. Every single emotion, every single characteristic that makes you YOU - I know(acknowledge). After all, I am YOU. 

Even the most inconspicuous of the deaths occurred only when my pen moved and not when the Heroes' sword slew you - I know, and while I might not be able to enact the intensity, the authenticity of your feelings when you pointlessly died on a foreign battlefield - I know(remember) and I believe that I understand them, as it was not only you that just died there, it was me too. So worry not. After all, I am YOU.

And even to the vilest of the villains - you exist because of me. So no matter whether the whole fanbase hates you for it, I won't and it is because of me and my thoughts that you were born- I know. So don't be sad. After all, I am YOU.

Forgive me for creating such an unfair world that works on the whims of an MC. Forgive me, for I killed you just to make the plot a bit more interesting. Forgive me for playing with your very existence for my own enjoyment. Forgive me for failing as a creator. 

But fret not. For, in the end, although all you are is not me, YOU are ME, and I am YOU.

And that's how I shamelessly try to absolve myself of the guilt I feel towards them. 


Re: Why did you choose your name?

I have used this name for years, but only recently shared it with anyone outside my beta readers.

A. N. Warding.

Always Needs Warding.

Because yes. I trip over shadows, cut myself with air, and always sport the latest fashion of unknown bruise.
My S.O. gets nervous when I handle hot/sharp/breakable/heavy objects because I also have nerve damage that gives me weak grip and hand spasms.