Re: Art thread of my writing projects...

Hello! I'm still waiting on my crosspost fiction submission to be approved (cough) so I'm just here to drop the arts I've amassed during the year I've been writing it. All of the arts posted in this thread are mine unless mentioned otherwise. I also have a twitter where I do art stuff.

For February's Rain


Character Illustrations

Sunrise and Sunset outfit theme - Wan Yu & Ye Xiyang
Spoiler :

Meme Redraws (yes)

Spoiler :

Other arts will be added after I get some sleep... I am just now realizing that I have to hunt down the uploads for these pictures to actually post them.

Re: Art thread of my writing projects...

Thank you so much everyone! <333

OwlishIntergalactic Wrote: Wow! There's so much detail and expression, and you can see the energy between them in the pictures where they're together. They've got so much chemistry.

I'm really happy to hear you think so?? The two leads like to banter and rib each other in order to avoid genuine conversations, so I'm always both frustrated and endlessly amused LMAO Doing meme and tumblr post redraws for them is just the logical next step

DrunkMinstrel Wrote: You know, this reminds me of the manga VAgabond, the way the expressions are drawn. I would wager you could do an excellent beard

Oh wow, I looked up the manga and I think I just found someone whose art style I can look up to... If I ever feel the tug to draw several pages of doujin, I now know how to approach it without it feeling flat and a compromise... Thank you! And also, I very rarely had a reason to draw beards... but honestly, it definitely sounds like it'd be fun. The subtleties of shading/lining those to make the beard believable sounds like a good challenge.

Still gonna sleep on this bc I've had like 3 hours of sleep in this past 24 hours and can't really tell if I'm missing any details but... When I see it I'll fix it lol
Once more my MC, because I just love drawing him emotionally exhausted (and or stabbed) ig