Re: What is your end goal?

I would like to finish my series and either revise it into something I can query with by second, third, and fourth drafting a story into what the commercial market is looking for, or taking everything I learned as part of this journey and beginning a new series with the goal of publishing in mind. I'm doing this concurrently while writing short stories for fun money to prove to myself I can. Also, because these characters have taken up a large amount of space, rent free, in my brain and won't vacate until I tell their story.

Re: What is your end goal?

I'd like to amend my previous statement. Money could make my life easier, but if writing turned into a job I'd probably end up hating it.

Really sitting down and thinking about my end goal I kind of have more arbitrary goals. It's hard to quantify but I'd like to make an impact for the better in someone's life. Entertain them, cause some smiles, get someone at the edge of their seat wanting to read each chapter. 

A community, just people talking in the comments, who enjoy and share an interest in something I put out there would be awesome. If I could give people something to connect over, something to talk about, that would be awesome. 

I've always been the nerd my whole life. And I've been able to connect to other nerds online over shared interests. Something has kept me going for a long time. 

If it's not too much to ask for, I'd like to make friends by writing. I've already met some great people. And I hope that it only gets better. Also, I did think over this simple question way too much over the last couple of days. It's kind of existential. 

Re: What is your end goal?

Wow, you guys are dreaming big.

I want to be able to make enough on Patreon to pay my food and utilities. I'm saving up to buy a house and I expect my legs to give out by the time I'm sixty (I walk with a cane), and my government keeps slashing services to the point where I don't know if pensions or unemployment will exist by the time my body gives out. So I want to be able to make enough money to survive when I get old. If I own my own home by then, I need an income that covers food, utilities and an emergency fund.

Re: What is your end goal?

I want my novel to have a manga or a webtoon. I also want it to have an anime. And if possible, I want to have some games adapted to it too. 

There are just so many things I want to accomplish. Still, because I know greed isn't a good quality, I will just put my best endeavor into finishing my story.