Re: Simple question - how's my cover?

Seems generally fine to me, unless you're not writing anything about merfolk, oceans, and coastlines.  If that's the case you'll have upset clickers and probably should consider a title change, otherwise, it's clearly a fantasy cover for an underwater adventure.

It looks a bit pixelated when it's this big, but I don't think that will matter at 400x600 level.  

That triple shadow on your name at the bottom is making that part a bit hard to read, it kinda makes my eyes twitch a bit because it feels like I'm seeing blurs, but again it's not as bad in the smaller version.

Re: Simple question - how's my cover?

I think it looks okay, if a bit plain.  The cover certainly invokes the ocean though it doesn't give a sense of tension or intrigue that would make me want to learn more.  As for how it'll look as a thumbnail on the site, here it is at 210x310, the view on your fiction page:


100x150, the size for the recommended fictions:

and 53x80, the size in the recent updates/trending:

I don't think that the text effect on the author name is adding anything at any of these sizes and at the smallest size, the text is hard to read but I still get the idea that this will be an underwater tale, likely about merfolk.  As I take another look at the small size here, it conveys a sense of mystery that having a close shot of a main character wouldn't.  I would play with your font choices and sizes but the image itself I think does the job.

Re: Simple question - how's my cover?

First impression: 
Looks like a reskin of that flappy bird game from ages ago. 

As a more serious first impression: 
I think it is a bit plain. About two thirds of the cover are more or less just black bars, and only the third in the middle has discernable features, and the only thing that really springs to mind is the merfolk person, who is maybe a tenth of the overall picture. Upon very close viewing there is a sense of mystery at the vaguely building-shaped rock, but overall it feels very minimalistic and not very good at drawing someone´s attention or imagination from a first glance. 

I am not an artist myself, so I don't really know how to make it 'better' per say, but I think the main thing causing my reaction is the proportion of elements on screen, that would be something I'd look into if you are looking to make wider changes. 

Re: Simple question - how's my cover?


Ararara Wrote: Weird font, looks like Paint. Too thin 

I immediately connect mermaids with romance, so I would probably skip it.

The merman is a bit small.

But it looks pretty good all-in-all. But, very modern. I guess because of the font, and realistic photo? It looks like the book will be taking place in the 21st century, contemporary

I feel like I'm getting a lot of back and forth from people. A bunch of people on scribblehub said that my other font looked too old and serious.

I think it's dumb though that merfolk are connected only with romance - they're a mythical creature, and you can do whatever you want with them.