Me and my friend have very different tastes. He prefers the action while I love the psychological and character aspects of a story. My novel strives to combine those into one.

The Delusion of Stars:

One day, Allen wakes up from a strange dream. He is subjected to a series of supernatural events and concludes that he and some others may have superpowers. Meeting others like himself, the powers turn out to be more than he bargained for.

Allen walks a fine line between good and evil as he learns more about the people around him, and himself.

When given the opportunity to use a unique supernatural ability to achieve your goals, what sacrifices are you truly willing to make?

5 chapters are currently released. A new one comes out everyday at noon. I have no clue what time zone. Chapters all have at least 3,000 words.

If you decide to read, do not expect only light hearted things. There will be comedy and action but this story doesn't aim to please. You may be disappointed with what characters decide to do and you may not like any tragic events. Bad things will happen so self-insertions may backfire. This being the case, I have still made the characters as relatable as possible, not always in a good way. Characters have both good and bad traits, I hope that you can relate to the bad ones. I do not mean to create an edgy fiction either. It isn't dark for the sake of being dark but it won't be all sunshine and rainbows either.

I am an amateur author so I would like as much feedback as possible! I will take any negative feedback constructively. If my story, writing, or characters are trash, then tell me. Send as much hate as possible!