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Hey, gave you a short review - I like what I'm reading! If you don't get a chance to review mine, no worries. Terramagica has little gore until about midway into it, and The White Horde some.

Terramagica | Royal Road n an alternate Victorian Age of the 19th century, the race of the Eldarions, once the rulers of mankind and the other races before their overthrow, are slowly dying out due to poisoning by Terramagica magical energies. In desperation, a group of cultists seek to fulfill the dark prophecy of the Destroyer King, who will bring down the old gods from the heavens and shatter the nations of mankind, enslaving all the races under Eldarion rule once more.

The White Horde (Revised) | Royal Road Inspired by the intrigue, drama, and destruction whispered to us by ancient history, this story is set in a world where magic is slowly dying, and decadent empires struggle against each other as well as against the barbarian hordes pushing ever westward. The story is told from the viewpoints of three people whose actions will change the fate of nations and empires alike

Re: Swap? Sci/fantasy, low fantasy


cmr Wrote:
AlexaLee Wrote: Hey! I’d love to swap with you if you’d like! Have a look at For Irision in my signature- it’s a sci-fi/fantasy! 

Which book would you like me to review of yours and is there anything specifically you’re looking for? It’s my first time doing a review swap on RR!

Hi, AlexaLee. I'd like Holes reviewed, as per the swap rules, please. There's only two chapters up now. but one more is scheduled for tonight, and two tomorrow so I'll hit over 10K late Sunday night.  I'll do Irison, no problem - how many chapters do you want covered?

Wonderful! I’ll start reading that soon and get the review started! As many as you’d like! The first five would be great though!

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cmr Wrote: I have some time for 3 or 4 swaps if anyone is looking. I apologize in advance - I'm not familiar enough with litrpg/Eastern tropes to do them justice. And prefer less gore ... I'll have at least 10k posted by Monday morning, but I can do up to 20k for you, if you like. TIA

I'm assuming then that you are more familiar with traditional fantasy and sci fi? In that case I'd be willing to do a review trade. Just point me to what story you want to review, and how much you want to do. I have eight chapters so far on mine. It's just in my signature.