Re: Review Swap : Isekai world-hopping harem adventure!

I've got a new story up, just hit 10K words, and am looking to get some tasty reviews.

It is, as the title implies Isekai (lots of world hopping, and multiple worlds) with our MC trying to manage relationships with several girls. I'm trying to keep it from being sunshine and rainbows though. But, thar be spoilers in them thar commentary. Also no NSFW yet, though I do plan to include it, if that's a concern on your end.

So, looking for either regular or advanced reviews, I try to be nice and highlight the good, but I won't pull punches either. Feel free to read the other reviews I've left to get a gauge of how I handle things.

Beware Ye who Enter Here: I will read anything, but I don't have a taste for game-lit. So I can't offer a review that would include its conventions (though I do play games so I'm not in the dark here.)

So, there's the story for those who wish to take up the challenge.