Re: How do you respond to some comments on your fictions?

How do you respond to some comments on your fictions?

I'm struggling on whether to reply to certain comments, I'm a big believer in not every question needs an answer (midichlorians...bah), but some comments on my stories feel like they deserve an answer but that I might be performing a disservice by doing so. 

As an example, I built up the main character being exhausted, fighting off sleep, and making some mistakes because of that tiredness, then the MC makes a stupid mistake due to said exhaustion. 

Now I didn't come right out and immediately say "Oh my god I can't believe I'm so tired that screwed that up." because I thought it would be implied. I could always edit the story so that it's more immediately obviously the cause, but I'm not sure if I should (it's also the first thing touched on in the next chapter). Also, if a reader comments on the MC's mistake, should I just say nothing and wait for them to read the next chapter?

Re: How do you respond to some comments on your fictions?

If a reader hasn't picked up on something that's already happened, and is thus confused about something in the story, I'll usually reply with a clarification, and also consider whether the section needs to be revised during the next round of edits. Usually the problem is just the weekly release schedule--it can be hard to remember what all is going on. If that's the only issue, I don't change anything, because the problem goes away if someone reads the story in its final novel version.

But the majority of comments I get are speculating about what's going to happen, so I don't respond to those. There's too much temptation to hint at spoilers, and I don't want to ruin anything for the readers.

Re: How do you respond to some comments on your fictions?

As a reader I have to say I appreciate it when the author takes the time to interact. Depending on how many comments you're getting of course, and the nature of them. If you're getting a lot of confused people then there's a good chance that the chapter needs some clarification.

That's not necessarily because of anything you did wrong though. Writing for a site like RR is a bit different to writing a novel. For one thing there's a delay between reading chapters (how long depends on your release schedule). Add the fact that most people read multiple stories (I think I'm up to about 30 these days) and it can be difficult to keep all of the tricky little details in mind for all of them.

As a beginning author I'm less concerned about these issues. So far I have one reader (out of about 35 regulars) who gives me feedback, and getting lost in the details isn't a factor yet. I've written a lot of stuff into the story so far, some of which will come up again later. If the readers can't follow it I'll probably link them to the previous chapters where it is explained rather than changing the story.

That said, if I go back and re-read a chapter I wrote and it seems confusing to me, then yes, it's getting a re-write.

In the end you have to figure out what you are trying to achieve. If you are here for the readers then listen to what they're saying and change where you think it will help. If you're writing for your own enjoyment then make it clear to the readers that you appreciate them, but that you're writing the story your way. Some of them will take offence, but most will probably be OK with it.