Re: Copy-Pasting Formatting Between Microsoft Word and Royal Road

Author here.  I primarily write in Microsoft Word and then copy-paste into Royal Road to add my chapters.  Generally, the formatting transfers over very well.  The exception that I have an issue with is "blockquote." I know that Royal Road uses <blockquote> to, well, blockquote, and I can't figure out how the text in Word should be formatted so that the formatting carries over (as far as I know, Word has no parallel to <blockquote>).  

Solutions? I would prefer not to use the chapter upload feature as I prefer to keep all my chapters together in a single document.

Re: Copy-Pasting Formatting Between Microsoft Word and Royal Road

Ararara Wrote: Not sure. But good news is that it's a feature that's not used too often, right? So on the rare occasions that you need it, every X chapters, changing it manually isn't THAT bad

Yeah, without context, it's hard to think of a reason backquotes are necessary. The only way I can think it can be used without breaking immersion is if you use epigraphs at the start of your chapter or to display stats/ messages/ pop-ups for a lit-RPG. Even then, you have alternatives: epigraphs can be centre aligned and placed in quotation marks; stats can be displayed in tables; messages can be integrated into the text the same way you integrate speech (either using 'quotation marks' or italics instead of "speech marks").

If they are, don't format them in word at all to save time. Just preceed your backquoted text with " Backquote: " so when you paste it into RR, you can use the control f function to find everwhere you need to add them in. This way, you don't waste time formatting them in word only for that formatting to disappear in the crossover, and using control f means makes it impossible to miss one.