If you are looking for a classical fantasy isekai Dungeon Core story, then you're in the right place.

What would you do if you suddenly got transported to another world? Become a legendary hero? Make a harem? Heck, even building an ever-lasting empire?
Anyone would have dreamed of going to another world, free from all the troubles that the real world presents. But who said the other world was any easier?
This was a story of a certain programmer student — Vincent — as he got transported to another world, filled with strange powers without even a single cheat, except some modern devices with him.
“Who needs a cheat?! As a modern man and a programmer, I’ll find a way.” What he was about to say, but endless trouble would force him into becoming a Dungeon Master of a certain new dungeon.
“Fuck it! I’ll conquer the world, uncover the secrets of this world, and ultimately find my way back home!”
“Yes, Master. Your will is our command. We will initiate the world domination phase.”
“W-Wait— I didn’t mean it literally!”
What brought him to this world? What secret does this world possess? Follow Vincent’s journey as he uncovers all these secrets! And… conquer the world, perhaps?

What will be in the story:
- Dungeon Building
- Kingdom Building
- and more...

Just beware that MC is the Dungeon Master, so he won't be staying in one place only. And he will become a Dungeon Master at chapter 12.