Re: Need to know if you'd eat a cupcake...

I WOULD EAT EVERY CUPCAKE! Cupcakes are awesome.

Not the biggest fan of chocolate frosting though tbh, if the frosting is chocolate, it's 50/50 if I'd eat it or scrape it off first.

(I believe the poll does not allow multiple instances of answers, but rather multiple choices among those available. So you can select either or both options, but not revote. If you don't want people choosing both options, you might want to switch it back down to 1)

Re: Need to know if you'd eat a cupcake...

Have you ever eaten a cupcake from Walmart? It's not just a trashy block of sugar, it's a downright sin to make a cupcake so disgusting. The frosting is like flavored plaster that has been drying on a dirty wall for a few hours, and the texture of the cupcake is like a used dish sponge that's waaaay passed it's recommended usage. I've eaten baby food that taste better than a cupcake from Walmart. So hence my wonderful fellow writer, I vote no. With kind regards, -Kaia.