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Hi everyone!

I'm a former opera singer - due to COVID. I've been a reader on RoyalRoad for quite some time, but had never before written any serious fiction.

My first story is in my signature, below. I wanted a LitRPG without huge info-dumps, where the MC has to struggle to survive.

MANTID is the tale of a young musician who, murdered in cold-blood during the pandemic, is reincarnated upon another world as a newly-hatched praying mantis. Combat is quick and decisive, similar to real life. I wanted to write something for the sake of story and characters, with action to flavor it, rather than a tale based upon epic, multi-chapter battle scenes between two opponents.

I'm also interested in finding new LitRPG stories to read, especially if they are similar to what I have described above!


Max :)

Re: New writer here!

Just wanted to let you know, you have a stray

at the bottom of your signature. If you want it to be a clickable image, you should move the first section to before the image, leaving the /url section at the end. If not, you may want to delete it to keep your sig tidy as in its current form it serves no purpose.


Welcome to RR! Good luck with your story!

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welcome to the site! sounds like an interesting book premise.  I, too, started my "writing career" when covid shut everything down.  I have the luxury of being able to work full time from home since I'm a programmer and my "side hustle" is toy and game design.  Since there was a scare that we'd run out of ventilator parts like they did in Italy I halted all toy design work so that I could save all of my 3D printing supplies to print medical equipment if needed.  I started writing my story since it wouldn't use up any resources other than time.

I hope yours works out well and you're able to find your readership ^__^