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Final Omen

The story following Nea, a high school student, he decided to enter a journey to find his long lost father. To find his father, Nea finds out that he has to travel through multiple parallel worlds with his father's teammates. Along with it is a mysterious organization that is always trying to prevent Nea to find his father. Can Nea ever bring his father back home? And is it the final destination of Nea's journey? No one will ever know...

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Super excited to promote my work! Here's a synopsis of the story.

Henry, a young energetic bookworm thrown into the midst of a war. Kyburn, a lord trying to balance the will of his king and the safety of Henry. Cara, a queen, haunted by her past and determined to make the future safe again. Erik, a king forced from his country by mysterious creatures and hellbent on saving his people.

Follow Henry, Kyburn, Cara, and Erik as they battle the unknown. Supernatural forces are at work to destroy their world. Tensions are rising. Death is at their doorstep. A spiraling doom awaits them all. They must awaken an Ancient civilization to save them all from their impending doom, but will they aid them in their fight, or turn against them?

It's quite a long book but I've worked over a year on it and still improving upon it daily. Feedback is more than welcome!
Hope you enjoy!

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Title : I died so the main protagonist can have character development, but I got reincarnated in another world.

Alex - a young man who died saving the hero gets a second chance to be a hero that he envisions when he gets reincarnated to another world. In this new world, he is tasked to defeat the 7 demon lord with his new power that he gained, but reality soon struck him as the world around him is ugly and worst and the burden of being the hero weighs heavily on him. What will he do to save the world? Will he be the hero that he dreams of or become something else?

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At the very beginning, there was Nothing...

"A Man Led by the Heart of the Another World" (Alternative titles: "A Path to the Truth, which Leads to Nowhere", "The 'Theory of Everything' by a Scientist, who Walks Over Corpses" and "Story of One Cycle") is an originally realistic fantasy-isekai novel, which is more about plisophy, knowledge, science, and thoughts with feelings, not about adventures. MC is a scientist. A very unusual scientist, whose desire was... Well, he failed to fulfill it. But will he finally fulfill his desire, someday?
There are loads of "info-dumping". Is it called like that here?
«Warning: hardly readable. There will be no "system". The Observer is not  MC. Note: original novel is written by me on ranobelib. me (RUS website), and is translated by me from Russian language to English one. So, if there will be mistakes — tell me.

The Heart of the World is the most mysterious, but at the same time beautiful phenomenon. The epitome of the cyclical nature of being.
Hidden from the eyes of even the most desperate explorers deep in the bowels of the planet, it waited for the moment when the "vein" would bring it the soul of a certain person. The man to whom this world was alien also wanted to meet Heart again to tell it his story.
That story will be about the very beginning of Everything, about the Observer and his sacrifice, but most of all the man wanted to tell his story. The story of a Man Led by the Heart of Another World.»

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He awakens in a strange forest with no memory of who he is, where he's from, or what has happened to him.

She is on the run, carrying a precious bundle that could mean the destruction of the world as they know it, or peace everlasting.

When their paths intertwine, the two of them are in a battle against time - to save him, and to save the world - with death biting at their heels.


When Lahab decides to help the unconscious amnesiac she finds in her forest, she doesn't know the terrifying secrets he holds, but she knows better than to believe it is all a coincidence.

The Beast of Ildenwood essentially intertwines the fates of two characters on very different missions.

It's a GameLit/LitRPG serial fiction (featuring original illustrations here and there) that I aim to update once per week.

Tomorrow just so happens to be the date that Chapter 1 is released! peoapproval

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Hands Held in the Snow is the story of two queer kids in love.

Aspiring priest Beatrice dreams of saving the world. Delinquent debutante Emi dreads her looming engagement to a distant noblewoman. A chance meeting in a library ignites a flame of love in their hearts. But, as the pair explore the wintery city of Balarand and each other, they must contend with their relationship’s uncertain future. Only by walking together hand-in-hand can they face these obstacles for the sake of their futures.

Full story complete! Featuring full in-story illustrations by Mikayla Buan

Read it here!

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Fiction: Douglas: A Worlds Portal Book

Genre: Adventure, Dungeon . . . not that type! It's a litrpg. Chapter two even introduces the system. 

Chapter three, to be release Saturday, introduces some action! 

. . . there's only two chapters? Yes, yes, but it is the end of the month and Saturday is the start of a new one of those.

I've tried to make the system balanced, in a way that allows for a decent mix of realistic and dramatic fights, and open, so that I can experiment as a writer. I would like for some people to join me and be readers. 

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Red awakens with no memory of his past inside a dangerous mine. Previously resigned to his fate, he discovers the power necessary to escape these caves and finally grasp his destiny with his own two hands.

Accompany Red as he grows from a mere slave into a man who will forever change the world around him. Gods, devils, and much worse things await to face him as he struggles to reach the pinnacle of this world.

What to expect from this story:

- Intelligent, determined, and independent MC.

- Detailed worldbuilding involving western and eastern influences.

- Broad but deep, strategy-oriented power system.

- Cultivation mechanics.

- A steadfast focus on the MC's quest; a story enriched by mystery and memorable side characters.

Hey, this is my new story I just started posting yesterday on here. This is my first time writing anything in a story format after many years of reading all kinds of webnovels, so I hope you can hop along as I finally try my hand at it.

I update the novel daily with a new chapter, each one around 2k words on average, so come back every new day and catch the story right at its roots!

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Looking for an epic fantasy with realistic-enough characters, 4k+ chapters, decent grammar (i use spellcheck:D), and a good amount of political intrigue?

*advertisement voice* Well look no further!

A post battle-royale story! Okay world-building! (not a litRPG / xianxia though, but the genre's cool)

"The Queen's Cage.

Where the Olympians select their Chosen and pit them against each other in a battle to the death.

The Cage’s bars only open twice every five years - once for the twelve Chosen, and another for Victor, the last one standing. The last person standing gets a surname, an imperial title, and a claim to the Emperor’s throne.

Imperial Princess Seraphina Queenscage wasn’t always like she was now. She was once simply a duke’s daughter, hailed as Athena’s Chosen.

A bringer of ruin.

But that year she stepped out, bloody and glorious.

History is written by the victors, they say.

It was probably a good thing she murdered the rest of them."

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Hi! If you're looking for a Royal Road story that's highly polished, more reminiscent of a traditionally-published novel, check out Nomads of the Sea. It's a complete novel with a discrete beginning, middle, and end. It's 185,000 words of multi-POV, epic fantasy that's comparable in style to something like Joe Abercrombie "First Law" trilogy. The story follows three characters on two different continents and two vastly different cultures. There's warfare, romance, and everything in between. Three chapters are released every week.
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