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Rebranding announcement.

The Enhanced Beings Collective is now.... Heroes of The Collective.
Same story, same characters, just a do over with the series title and cover. 

If you aren't already aware, Heroes of The Collective is a character driven superhero web-series following the lives of The Enhanced Beings Collective- heroes who protect America against threats to their interests locally, nationally and globally. And universally...

Featuring an ensemble cast, we explore the lives of the various team members as they fight against bad, against each other and occasionally themselves. 

The start of the series introduced us to Kimona Jones, and it was through her and her new alliances' experiences where we learned about enhanced beings and the world they belong to. But the first season is now over half way through so there's lots to catch up on, and lots still to come.

New episodes out Friday evenings BST. 
Tomorrow we go back in time to see what it was that caused a crack in Lucas and Brad's friendship. 

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I just started posting a new gothic horror / dark fantasy series, about a group of magic users possessed by mysterious entities known only as "Archons" setting out to explore their world and discover its mysteries. And maybe kill God. It's a bit what you might expect if you threw some Madoka Magica elements into the Soulsborne series: transformations and magic attacks, but in a grim, gothic world with a heavy focus on mystery and exploration, with some "boss fights" and cool enemies. The tone is serious and mature; there's little to no humor (except of the dark or gallows kind) and the characters are all adults. It'll deal a lot with mental illness and, while romance itself won't be a central part of the plot, the relationships between the characters will and there is bisexual representation.

I'm updating it daily, so please take a look at the fiction's page if this sounds like your kind of thing. Thanks in advance!

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The Lions of Dawrtaine


Hallon Nilsdotter was born in 1268 and trained in the magics of the shamans of old Sweden. Now, in 1924, she hunts for the Calamity, a prophesied disaster. Along with her spirit allies and the young scientist Milo Rabbit, Hallon forces open a tear in the boundary of their universe to travel to another.

An old war has ruined this land, breaking its weather systems, and a new war is brewing between the Untainted and those who show strange mutations. On the run after being identified as abnormal, Hallon and Milo must navigate this new world of machine guns, gas attacks, and fallen spirits. All the while, the Calamity looms over them.

What to Expect

    A fast-paced adventure with influences from stories like Raiders of the Lost Ark and 1980s science fiction and fantasy
    Some similar themes to my other work, Eight
    A regular and reliable publishing schedule


"This is another fantastic yarn written by an author who knows how to create deep worlds and realistic characters. I was a loyal reader of the previous RR fiction, and now will be regularly reading this story. If you enjoy a story that builds on the initial premise in a way that flows and is believable within the constructed world, and you enjoy characters that seem to come alive as they struggle though the plot, then this is for you." -- Drauku

"The characters are alive.  They’re not just cardboard cutouts of generic fantasy power characters...The setting is vivid.  The author both in the past and it’s looking like here, has created world(s) in and of themselves which you can see." -- croda

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Welcome to Norden - a land of mystery, magic, and unknown danger. This is the home of The Beast of the North, a man feared by his enemies and loved by his people. When fate ties him to an unwanted companion, his world is about to crumble. Or maybe it is about to change in an unexpected yet necessary way under the wings of Shimshi - the legendary White Swallow. Dive into the vast world of The Beast and The Swallow. And keep your eyes open, for something evil lurks in the shadows.

In a far-away land of snow and mystery, the fates of two bastards entangle.
He is a warrior and a ruler. She is a physician with a tormented past.
Now both of them will have to learn not only to live together but also to fight against any and all that threaten to ruin their happiness. Amongst chaos, schemes, and war, will they manage to fulfill the most difficult task - finding the way to each other's heart and soul?
The path won’t be easy. A dark cult and even darker magic are resurfacing after years of slumber. And while they wreak havoc in the lands of Norden, the Star-gazer’s voice echoes in the night heralding a dangerous future:
When the Beast falls, the Swallow shall triumph.
For the Sun to shine over Norden, the Swallow must be devoured.



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Hi everyone! New Fantasy LitRPG here!

MANTID - a Fantasy LitRPG

Michael is unwittingly selected to represent the people of Earth, as part of a test which will determine the fate of our world.

Murdered at 24, the depressed loner is reborn as a newly-hatched mantis upon a strange world. Trees tower above him like skyscrapers, dragons reign as gods, and damn-near everything wants to eat him!

He'll have to choose a new name, and change his way of thinking if he wants to survive in this harsh, unforgiving world, but terrible danger brings golden opportunity...

Journey alongside our hero, as he endures sweeping changes, in this tale of adventure and friendship filled with crawling things, magic, mythical creatures, and ancient horrors.

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Two millennia after a planet-wide disaster, Humanity has once again taken to the stars, only to find themselves a late arrival to a crowded affair. Most habitable worlds are already under control of other species and the vast Thorian Empire covers the largest swaths of territory.

With the Empire temporarily stagnant as it reels from the aftermath of a decades-old war, Earth has the opportunity to establish itself as a more prominent technological and political force. Would a resurgent Empire quash those ambitions once and for all or will it all crumble in the face of an even greater threat emerging from the dead of space?

The Bloodlet Sun follows a cast of characters flung across the different corners of the knows worlds, as their intertwining stories affect the course of history and perhaps the survival of all sentient life.

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Do You Remember It?
There was a time we all did…

We once loved it, we were once nurtured by it.

A City, so grand, so beautiful. So enthralling we promised it we’d never let go. We promised we would always believe.

But you did. You all did. And now that City that nurtured you lies in ruin.

You ruined it.

Times have changed now, Humanity’s end is coming.

My name is Gale Mayfair.

If you are listening you have a chance, if you wish to survive you must return to the City.


"The Fallen City is the story of Gale Mayfair, a man who dreams of a long abandoned City every night as real as the world around you now...
But this City was once filled with life. It was once of all colours, it was what made us 'Human'.
Now it lies in ruins, abandoned by it's children. Its towers have fallen, its causeways collapsed, its districts fallen.
The City has died.
Yet there is hope.
Someone else walks these broken streets...
Only together can they save the City.
Only together can they save what makes us Human."

፡፧Only Earth Survived፧፡
Book of Death
"The United Planets Coalition rules across many worlds...
The Outer Space Fleet Command rules the UPC…
Our lives are controlled by those with absolute military power...
Those that defy their will are enslaved...
The worst of them become scrubbers...
The best of us become Spacers...

For hundreds of years Humanity brought the light of civilisation to dozens of worlds, across multiple stars.
The rule of the OSFC is absolute. Their fleet is glorious, their paranoia of revolution developed defences unrivalled.

Their leaders are cold and remorseless.
Their warriors bound to die for their cause...
What would dare threaten such a force?

... Only the Darkness they pushed away.
An unknown enemy has come forth. Defeat is as sure as the turn of worlds... Nothing last's in it's shadow.
But on the edge of the frontier; One lone gunboat has what could be the secret to the defence of their cruel world...
The cold hand of extinction stands in their way...

This is their mission...

This is the story of the Phoenix

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peolove Greetings Everyone! Wanted to pounce on the opportunity to present our work. Currently still on-going and links for the stories is found in the signature, hope you enjoy :) - Ves

Army of the Damned Synopsis

 "When are we gonna go home?" says the guy in skeleton form.

An Isekai about Politics, Strategy and War. Players suddenly got transported into an Isekai world. Our cast of people are forced to accept the new world and adapt or die. They have the means to do damage and commit war, but are now forced to face the music of morals as now, they're not playing with Code. But actual human life. What will they do? What choices and mistakes will they make in their attempt to go back home?

Task Force 8080 Synopsis

A side story to Army of the Damned, taken from the perspective of an independent faction,  A mercenary group with progressive ideals living in what used to be a game Dark World VR comes to life. A band of brothers trying to make the most of life.

Thirsty for Blood Synopsis

"Will the whole world treat us as something different just because of someone pushed us into becoming this monstrous thing" In the world of Linderal, there exist two beings who are unable to accept what they are. This is their journey of acceptance towards themselves and the troubles that come with it.

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A last major rewrite before I publish book one on Amazon: Children of Nemeah Book 1 | Royal Road

I will post one chapter per day as part of the Writathon!

Something evil lurks in Nemeah. Changelings possess ordinary citizens and turn them into horrific monsters with terrible capabilities.

The only group able to deal with this threat is the mysterious Red Brigade. Empowered by the goddess Akali, they gain the strength needed to kill these unfortunate souls. Until a normal guardsman by the name of Siegfried cuts down one of the changelings.



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Saga of the Cosmic Heroes
(first cover art by gar32 on twitter, second by Liskim on twitter)
Character-driven sci-fi space opera set in approximately the 29th century AD (or 3rd century UC) in a setting where humanity is united under an interstellar Federation past its zenith. The story follows a young Victoria Happ-Schwarzenberger through a first-person narrative as she follows in her father's footsteps and enlists in the Metropolitan Space Navy in events that will change her course forever.

Joining the narrative is Li Chou, known as the Madame Scarface. She serves as a lieutenant under a pirate republic ruled by her ruthless adoptive father nestled in the outer hinges of Federation authority. And Alexandra Descartes-Dolz, a colonial spacenoid with the aspirations of changing the decadent Federation's injustices. This saga tells of their intertwining destinies and the struggles they face along the way.

Besides the three main characters, the story also explores points of views from a variety of side/minor characters as well.

The story is written in first-person present tense for main characters, and limited third-person for side/minor characters. There will only be one PoV for a chapter, though.

252k words in 70ish chapters so far.

  • Female leads
  • Space Opera
  • Strategy
  • War and Military
  • Multiple Lead Characters
  • Drama
May contain
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content
  • waifus you want to protecc
Aiming for Friday or Saturday releases. I also commission chapter art from various freelancer artists frequently, mostly done in anime style.

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The Tale of Will Newbie (TTWN) is the story of one boy, his family, and his journey across the fictional continent of Oracle to bring together a group of heroes to defeat the forces of Sin. Oracle is divided into four kingdoms, each named after a special race of people. All the kingdoms, however, are divided by the gargantuan Guardian Wall, a wall meant to protect the kingdoms from having to face the dangers of the Great Basin. To the south is the kingdom of Humania, host to the Humans. Humans are typically considered the weakest of the races, but their heart often makes up for strength. To the east is Fawna, a forested region filled with many Beasts and, of course, the Fawns. Fawns are the gentlest race, though don't underestimate their temper. Each Fawn bears an assortment of unique features taken from the animal kingdom, from ears to tails to fur (though fur is incredibly rare.) Fawns are well known for their speed, able to outrun even the fastest of Beasts. To the west is the mountainous region of Drakonia, home to the hunting people, Drakonians. Drakonians were designed for a harsh climate and fierce combat, their bodies bearing scales stronger than iron. While their skin tone is exclusively dark, their scales are colored differently for each individual. And, finally, to the north is Demonia, the "home" of Demons. We don't talk about Demonia.

I'd love for you to follow me on an adventure into the world of Oracle, as we explore the depths of family, friendship, and fate. Bonds new and old built and reinforced through shared struggle, and, no matter what, fighting for what you believe to be right.

The Tale of Will Newbie

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I returned to this site after three years to publish my newest fiction, Solarite. It is only a first draft so please bare in mind there will probably be some spelling errors here and there.


Solarite is about a teenage girl named Lea who finds herself changing for the worst. It isn't puberty or her parents, but her mind showing her a entire world she'd never seen before. Finding a mysterious card with a language only she can read, Lea is thrown headfirst into a nightmarish world of the supernatural. Her body is warping into something she doesn't even recognize, strange girls are appearing in her life and she's haunted by nightmares of unthinkable beings possessing her.

Completion Status:

Solarite is made up of two volumes currently with the first volume being nearly complete!
Story Genre(s):

Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological Horror & Supernatural 

Story Warnings:

Body horror & blood

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High Fantasy, Portal Fantasy, Anti-Hero, LitRPG

Thousands of years ago there was a great breaking of the world. Few alive have the knowledge of why this was necessary, but in the end, the world was split into two. On the one side, a person lived in a world of controlled technology and evolution. On the other, even the basest creatures can alter the world's path. Then came a boy named Icarus, who preferred Fern, and didn't particularly want to be there. This is his story, and how he became a fable told from one village to the next.

Release Schedule:
New chapter released each week, I try for sundays. 

Personal note: 
I started writing the book in my head about 8 years ago. I have two prequel books pre-plotted and mostly written which I hope to tie into the universe explaining its origins. Basically, I have a lot of fun writing this, and I'm doing my best to make sure there are no real plotholes.  
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