Re: How on Earth do I change chapter order


Kos Wrote: Wait a second?  There are other writing sites?  I barely found out about this one last month!

There are loads, all catering to a slightly different market/ demographic, though there's lots of overlap.
  1. is probably the most similar to here in my experience, and also offers monetisation via ad revenue (only once you reach a certain number view count milestone or something like that) as well as comics.
  2. A lot of people like Scribblehub, though the website has always looked very messy and unprofessional to me.
  3., Wattpad, and Inkitt are fairly popular, but Wattpad and Inkitt are no-go-zones unless you write popular and trashy romance stories. doesn't seem as active as here.
  4. and Archive of Our Own are good for fanfiction.
  5. Radish offers monetisation with no lower limit, but you do need to apply to be an author there. There are two monetisation options, the more lucritive requiring you to only post your story to their site while it's monetised (you can remove it whenever you want, but I think there's a 30 day period after cancellation that you have to wait before uploading it elsewhere). You can also post for free with no restrictions.
  6. Webnovel offers monetisation too and doesn't require approval to post your writing, but you do need to sign away the IP rights of your story to them if you join the paid program or whatever its called (so you no longer own it and can't post it elsewhere. I'm not sure if they give the rights back if you withdraw from the monetisation program). Be careful though, as from what a lot of people say, webnovel's contract for and treatment of their paid authors is a bit dubious.