Re: Adding a world map to a story

I have been making a world map for my story, but I'm not sure how to show it to readers.

So far I have no images in my story and never felt the need to add any, but as I will start "name dropping" a lot of geographical areas to my readers, I wanted to give them a visual reference so they don't feel lost.

I have a map almost completed and with a decent level of quality, but I'm struggling on how to present it to my reader. Should I make a chapter interlude to present it? Put it at the begining/end of my newest chapter? Slip it at the begining of my story as its own chapter, or just put it as part of a conversation?

Any insight is appreciated!

Re: Adding a world map to a story

I think that maps are a good idea to introduce, not just for your readers, but also for yourself so you dont accidentally start making mistakes and contradicting yourslef, like saying a town is to the west and then suddenly it ends up they walked northeast to it or something.

Plus, it just helps you stay more organized in general.  I am sure your readers will also appreciate from it.

That said, if you plan to move around to various areas over a large distance, too large to fit properly in one map, it might be best not to.  

So basically, in the end, if you really want to, do it because it will help, but you dont need to do it!

Re: Adding a world map to a story

I think including a map of your world at the beginning of your story will help introduce your world to readers. There's also nothing wrong with including images within your text. You could include a zoomed in image of a particular region that's relevant to the portion of the story. I've gotten the impression that most readers enjoy maps and character images as part of a story.

Re: Adding a world map to a story

I would say that having a map "chapter" at the beginning of your book could be really useful for readers, however the chances of them going back to it are very small so it begs the question of why to bother.

In one of my books, my MC has some limited mapping functions so I like to include what she's seeing on the map at the time.  When I put the image into the chapter like that, I put it inside of "spoiler" tags.  That way it's hidden behind a little button for the reader that doesn't want to be taken out of the story, but is easily seen for those that are interested.  I like doing this when I have illustrations of characters that are introduced as well.