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I saw. Meanwhile, I'm still dissecting your story while reading it at the same time. I think I'll have something by Friday night or earlier, depending on my schedule. So far, it's been good. This is my first time reading a reader insert style story and it's been nice.

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NutellaSandwichEnthusiast Wrote: Hello all! My story has reached 25k words and 91 pages. I think it's time I went and asked for a review swap. If anyone's up for it. My story is below in my signature. Thanks for reading!

Hey, would you still be up for a review swap? I'll get to reading your story in the morning and have a review down by the night time.

My story is linked in my signature :P

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DuskArcanist Wrote:
NutellaSandwichEnthusiast Wrote: Sure just let me finish Of Monstergirls and Men. I'm almost done.
 Perfect :D
Alright! I'll have yours done by either tonight or tomorrow. I got no classes today so I can read your entire story in one sitting. I look forward to it! :D