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I can recommend artbreeder too, it's pretty fun to play around with. I use the full-body character and landscape thingies to get concepts to artists when I work with them. Those features are not as 'consistent' and will get weird results, but they are very fun to play around with and a great starting point if you have something specific in mind and want to share a vision with an artist who can complete it for you. 

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It's unbelievable, a revelation! But I'm having a problem - already mailed them, but maybe one of you has an idea?

I'm in the face editor with all the sliders.

And I have a pretty awesome face going - but when I click on the "lineage" icon, the lineage editor starts with the DEFAULT, not with my designed face!

Similarly, when I download the image in highres (Using up one of my 4 free slots.) I also get the default face, not my current design. Something's broken.

I tried in Chrome and Firefox.

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I spent all of today making my main roster of characters, adding them to my character index chapter! Thanks so much for the guide! It took a while to get my head round, and there's probably so much still to discover but it was a fun creative exercise!