Re: Returnee Says Hi!

Just thought I'd introduce myself as I don't think I ever did before. I created my account many years ago when I was writing a royal road fanfiction that I eventually dropped. It's still listed under my fictions as "a road to new discoveries". 

I recently starting trying to rekindle my love for writing and remembered this site where i can publish stuff! So I started releasing a new story here. I'm an amateur writer but over the past few years I've gone and read so many different webnovels that I've really lost count and they inspired me to start writing again. The one that first inspired me was the legendary moonlight sculptor so i feel like I'm coming full circle at this point lol

I do work full time so i can't put out massive amounts of content and i haven't had a chance to read any of the novels written here. But i do appreciate all the hard work and talented people who do write stories as i know how hard it is sticking with it for a long time.

I'll take any recommendations for any good stories on here to start with!

nice to meet you!