David Anderson, a new-age British gentleman, is catapulted into an alien world where a voice called the Source tells him about Attributes, Classes, and Skills.

After receiving a horrible new name from a weird lass he just met, a Title of Trespasser from an alien he erroneously kills—which doesn't seem to bode very well for him—and after finding out that the same thing that's speaking to him is also gradually killing him, Dave decides that the only thing left for him to do was to go with the flow.


Blurb? Blurb.
The Trespasser starts slowly, I believe I've written a decent world, and I want you to find out what it's all about, won't just throw it in your face because of *levels*.

I do not like stories that don't make sense.

So, a man finds himself into the wild? It's a different world, and yet he can breathe its air? Finds himself in a lucky-low-level zone? Oh, look at that, people speak English—
how likely is that? So, nope, not for me, gentleman. You won't find anything of the likes here.

Again, a man finds himself in a new world but only thinks about the system? Yeah, that's not exactly how it works.

David will try to find out what it's really all about, what the aliens want, how they work, why is that Fay really helping him?

You can kill somebody to get levels, and yet there is not even a form of police? Not gonna happen here.

Man becomes suddenly overpowered in a world where people can live for thousands of years by having enough luck to face only lower-level people? Hahaha—nope.

Lastly...Spaceships and fantasy with LitRPG... say what!? Well, what's wrong with that? Let's make it happen, shall we?


You want even more info? Really? Alright...

David will start from the very bottom of the food chain, so there will be a settling arc—it's inevitable.

David will find true companions, with personalities and backstories, and they will have a life of their own.

There will be enemies, and those enemies will have a life of their own, too; there will be no evil just because.

The world-building will have true depth; it will not exist just because the protagonist visits it.

There will be both Fantasy and (Soft) Sci-fi—yeah, you heard that right.

There will be rationality to every action taken, as long as the characters are aware of what is going on.

There will be a godly system.

You will come to read because of the world-building, but you will stay for the characters.

The dead stay dead, and you will weep for them.

There will be no action without a reaction.

Lastly, there will be laughs.

Are you still up for it? Then get in but fasten your seatbelts because it's going to be a wild ride.


Release Days: Monday to Friday.
Words per chapter: ~3000
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