Re: New Author

Welcome to Royal Road!

Good to know you are one of the relatively few brave enough to give it a go! My personal opinion is no one starts out perfect or ever achieves it. But the only way to get close is to enjoy it and give it a go. Well done on taking the first step and I like your signature!

Anyways, hope you are doing well and that you enjoy your time here.

Re: New Author

I don't know any author that doesn't have at least some stuff they feel is "cringy". I go back and read some of my old stuff and think "oof", but it's how you get better. Like an artist that looks at their first drawings, you can see how much you've grown. (And also *fix* the cringy parts of those stories when you are ready). Writing is one of those things that will improve the more you do it. You can read books and read forums, but until you really start putting ink to paper (or pixels to screen nowadays) and truly begin to try and build your world and characters, it won't be the same. Good luck to you and have fun with your writing. It's the best part about it.

Welcome to RR and good luck to you on this site.