Re: Looking for Proof-Reader / Beta-Reader

I've been trying to find someone who could help me fix grammar/verb-tense stuff, not quite sure where to look.

Been trying to use Grammarly and G-docs but... it's apparently mistakes they don't notice most of the time. It's kind of vexing to check and triple check and kind of not notice even some of the most basic of mistakes.

Also, Hi! RR forum is not one I'm all too familiar with, going to try and muck around to see what's going around.

Re: Looking for Proof-Reader / Beta-Reader


TesseractHive Wrote: Are you interested in a mutual proof-read? Both of us can read equal lengths for eachother.

I'm keeping a rhythm of roughly 3K words a day, according to RR, what's been currently posted in the last couple of weeks is equivalent to 160 pages.

What's your pace? If possible, I'd prefer some help that can last rather than as a temporal transaction.