Re: CHAOS VINES ONLINE! Get in on this amazing promotion, available while supplies last!

This 'masterpiece* of chaotic vines' is finally coming to a screen near you! Grab a computer, get on your phone, and click over to the novella event of the season that no one is talking about!
Meet VINE. An AI with a job to do.
Or, no, wait. Wrong perspective. Let's start over.
Meet Jandru Harolski, an arrogant criminal mastermind who thinks he's unbeatable, as he takes on the one entity no one in their right mind has ever dared to confront: VINE. An AI bent on reforming humanity into something worth protecting, regardless of what the humanity in question has to say about the matter.
Can Jandru outsmart and outplay the AI by playing at its own game? Or will he lose the battle for his personhood and become someone he never wanted to be? Or will the story entirely fail to provide any meaningful resolution as the author trails off into endless repetitions of the word 'vines'? There's only one way to find out!
CHAOS VINES ONLINE is a novella-in-a-weekend project from the bestselling* author of countless* works of fantastic fiction, Asviloka! Come get yours first before your friends! Be the first on your block to read the next big little thing! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Story is complete. Chapters will be posted twice daily until the 30th, epilogue to be posted on the 31st, special surprise on the 1st.
*unverified claim made by the author. Do not expect an actual masterpiece. Author has never been a bestseller, though she did reach around the middle of trending for a few days at one point with that one other story. The number of fictions produced by the author can easily be counted on her profile. Terms and conditions apply, may not be available in all regions, promotion may be discontinued at any time without notice.