Re: Book 1 of my railpunk series "Multitrack Mages Down Under" is complete!

Two young people from opposite sides of the tracks are thrown together in an adventure of steam and magic.

Join farmgirl Charity Wilison as she faces her fear of leaving her home and many siblings, her guilt over breaking the rules enforced by the clerics, and her fascination for magic, which she's been told all her life is dangerous and corrupting.  Will her efforts to save lives - including her own - cause more harm than good?  Will she be overwhelmed by the demons of her past?  Or by the actual horde of demons?  Should she trust everything her society has taught her, or can she trust her kidnap-rescuer? Her life seems to have gone off the rails, but can she truly ever leave the rails behind?

Find out in Sisters of Rail.

152k words, all available right now at