Re: What program do you write in?

I come here offering two cheap-ish alternatives and an extra:
-Bibisco it's scrivenier but open -coded anyone can use the base features, but for some bell and whistles you have to pay... 20-30€ ( one time payment)
-AiWriter Same as bibsco, buty with better compatibility with mac. one time payment aswell.

as extra, there's Hemingway, which is a offline Grammarly. , sames as the two above, one time payment of... iirc 10€

Re: What program do you write in?

I used to write in Google Docs and it was very good but then I turned to Dabble. It has a great interface and helps me with my world building and designing plot of my story. 

The only minus is that in Docs I had grammarly on and in Dabble it has some other grammar checking softwere that is not as good.

I just check my story more throughly when I write on Dabble, which I guess is a good thing. 

The price is not atrocious, and you can get discount codes pretty easily on the net.

Re: What program do you write in?

I used to use Google docs, but I moved to Visual Studio Code with markdown for formatting. I will never go back. I use Git for cloud saving and version control, which is way better than just cloud saving since I can track every change I've ever made and when. I've also configured some plugins to allow me to highlight sections of text and have ChatGPT give me grammar and wording suggestions on the fly.

TL;DR: VS Code has a learning curve, but for those who take the time to learn it, it's the best writing tool I know of.

Here are some bloggers who showed me the way:

And here's an extension pack for writing.