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Nice to meet everyone. I have migrated here from DeviantArt. I have been trying to improve my writing there but found most writer’s groups to be fading from what I could tell. A friend suggested this site to me and I hope to perhaps make progress.

If I had to acknowledge my flaws. I believe my weaknesses would be descriptive language and grammar. I noticed the suggestions box and plan to enable it for anything I post here. I plan to provide valid products but if anything slips through I would like to correct it so later readers do not have worry about where I placed my commas. 

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Welcome to Royal Road. If you're concerned about your grammar, you might look into the Grammarly software. Other authors here have used it and seem happy with it. However, unless your grammar makes your work unreadable, I wouldn't worry too much about it since you'll improve as you go along. There's a number of good writing guides in the Forums you can check out that address various writing topics as well. Hope you enjoy Royal Road and that your works draw many readers. Good luck.

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I have a question for everyone. If you wanted to establish that a story is happening in the same setting as another, do we make links to them or should we try to put them all into one fiction pile. I have a short story that I think is complete in itself but the characters show up at a longer piece of fiction which would be set later in their tale.

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Welcome to Royal Road!

No clue to your question, but it might be something you want to start in a new thread in the forums (possibly under the assistance or general subforum) as then you will get more people viewing it and possibly providing different options that you can choose between.

Anyways, hope you are doing well and that you enjoy your time here.

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yup, that takes a bit of doing.  I recommend the two-tab approach so you can save the signature, check in another tab what it looks (have a post with your signature for this tab, hit refresh after saving changes).  Then fix and check...

right now it's got URL tags in the wrong spots, but looking like a decent start!

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Terrenheim Wrote: I’m still working on my signature but I am putting that aside for the moment. I switched one of my stories as a collection. Is it possible to rearrange chapters in case I create some that came before everything else I can arrange it in chronological order? If so, is doing so considered bad taste?

Yes, you can reorganize in the fiction chapter page, there's a reorder button.  I've had to use it when I screwed up the timing on my chapter releases and put them out backwards.

It's not in "bad taste" but you may not get reads on the new material because it's now "in the past" on the chapter order tracking stuff.

Many people say they never read the author notes, so, even those may not help you get eyeballs on the new stuff if it's now "old"