Re: Review Swap! Anyone interested?

I'm game.  I read a bit of your story before answering to make sure it was something I was interested in.  Don't be too thrown off by my title and cover art.  There has been nothing explicit yet, so it's safe to review even if that's not your thing.  It's really just a fun LitRPG at this point.  Please be honest in your review. Thanks, and have fun reading.

Re: Review Swap! Anyone interested?


Kamaya Wrote:
YoanRoturier Wrote: Hello! Sure! But could you wait 24hours to do mine? I'm still editing some stuff :). I'll read your book and once I'm done I'll leave review.

Sure ! No problem at all, just tell me whenevrr you're ready !

Ok I've edite the first four chapters. It should be a better read than before. At least I hope so. I'll read and review yours right now.