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Okay, I'll start this off with my opinion. I despise one-shots. I hate them so, so much. Especially in manga/manhua/manhwa! I mean, if I really really want to, I can write a continuation fanfic for a novel oneshot, but I can't draw for the life of me. So it tortures my soul.(if you can't tell, most of what I've been reading recently are those kinds of literature... I have a weird thing for romance manhua/manhwa that have to do with reincarnation into like ancient china or a fantasy world or the old kingdoms that I think are of western origin but I can't remember the term for, with a female lead for some reason. If you can think of any recommendations, I'd love it. Though I've probably read most of the good ones...)
I mean, I get why people make one-shots. And I'm very aware that some one-shots actually get developed into a full series. But that doesn't change the fact that a lot of them don't. That's why I always try my best to avoid one-shots. 
Anyhoo, back on topic!
What do you guys think about one-shots?
Oh, and cancellations, or no season 2/continuations of a great show/anime/etc., also!
Stuff along those lines in general, I guess.

Personally, I love stories that are endless or have an actual ending that isn't forced or rushed.

(But seriously, one-shots and cancellations or no continuations hurt my soul. Save me, I read too much...) 
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I prefer hot cocoa(I dislike bitter things and adore sweets), but yeah. I haven't slept in days, some hot cocoa or chocolate milk would be real helpful right about now. A pity I drank my entire carton of chocolate milk in pretty much one sitting... last night....

Sigh. Why must I be such a fool. The precious nectar of the gods is all gone.
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Re: One Shots

I think it depends on the story. Sometimes I'd really like to see a continuation. Sometimes, dragging it out and adding sequels that aren't up to the original's standards, or ruin some of what made it good, just makes everything worse. I think a few ideas are better as relatively short, contained one-shots.
Though good stories that were intended to be continued and don't are just sad.

Of course, everything I write seems to want to turn into a series. So maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.

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Ramingo Wrote: I have no problems with one-shots. I also don't mind a show getting cancelled so long I have access to the source material, like Spice & Wolf.
I do hate endless stories though, what's the point of telling a story if it doesn't end.  DrakanBook
It also deprives the writer of the opportunity to write a good, satisfying conclusion.

Good finishers, where the writer ramps up the tension and then ties it all up neat, giving the completion the reader wants to the story, those are rare. And awesome when they pull it off. I have a bad habit of leaving dangling plots and cliffhangers I am *really* trying to improve on. A good final chapter is a worthy goal to have.

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As long as the one-shot has a proper ending (not rushed, concludes main plot), I'm fine with them. I personally prefer one-shots that straddle that tricky line where they leave a reader wanting more yet still tie the main plot thread(s) together in a satisfying way.