Re: Review Swap, all genres!

Hey there, interested in a review swap? Please let me know below! (Or just PM me if you're shy, haha)

I consider myself a bit of a jack of all trades, so I'm fairly comfortable with reading any genre. In exchange, please just pick any one of my stories to review, whichever seems the most appealing to you. Taking all comers!


Re: Review Swap, all genres!

Hello there, Razz. My story is Urban Wolf, and I'd like to make a proposal for you.

If we're going to do this, I need you to be able to read up to chapter 17 of my work for a review, which ends up coming out as a little over 30,000 words. In turn, I will read and review all 14 chapters of TANGO Heavy currently published.

I'm not normally a fan of LitRPG, but I'm a little bit of a sucker for mechs, so hopefully you'll give me the excuse to read your work. Let me know if you're down to clown.

Re: Review Swap, all genres!


chimneyantelope Wrote: Heya! I'm interested in a review swap, I've only got 3 chapters up right now (editing the 4th) but I'd love to get an honest opinion on how my introductory chapters read!

In return I'll read and review the first 5 chapters of TANGO! Does that sound good?

Sounds good friend, I'll read your story after this other one!   


Edit - All reviews finished, still open for more!