Re: Anyone know how to teach ants rhythm? Also, an introduction.

It feels a bit cliché to say, but I honestly think the most important part of a novel is how much the author enjoys what they're writing. I can't be the only one that occasionally finds themselves reading a book that is objectively lacking in the more technical aspects of penmanship, only to keep reading anyway. Somehow the author's passion for their story is transferred into the reader. 

Not that a solid technique in writing isn't important. It's just not the end all be all that my high school lit courses made it out to be.

Anyway, hi, I'm new here. Well, I've actually been here a little under a month. I wanted to make my forum debut earlier, but I've been busy designing miniature ddr mats with extra arrow directions for insects to use. 

Reading and writing are probably my two biggest hobbies, but I also love video games, hockey, running, and anime. Like a lot of anime fans, recently I've found myself watching vtubers as well, even though I'm not sure why I enjoy it as much as I do.

At one point my favorite series was The Kingkiller Chronicle by Pat Rothfuss, but after he's left my hopes and dreams to slowly wither away without having even the common decency to kill them properly, I'd say my current favorite is the Monogatari series by NISIOISIN. 

Re: Anyone know how to teach ants rhythm? Also, an introduction.

Authenticity is extremely important and its obvious to the readers, just like it is when listening to music or anything like that. You can tell when someone is putting their heart into something, we naturally like 'authentic' people more. It's infectious and inspirational to be around them and makes us try harder as well. It's a up-fueling positive cycle, but one does have to be careful that we aren't walking into some twisted version of the halo-effect haha.

It's very nice to meet you.