Re: Hi I like Zelda and Brandon Sanderson

Figure that it actually will attract attention putting that as my subject line. That's what I'm about. I play Nintendo games, read Brandon Sanderson, and write stuff. Right now, I'm working on an original fantasy novel called Rip Current, and I'm also writing a novelization of The Legend of Zelda, the Wind Waker.

Rip Current is kind of in flux right now as I'm trying to finish writing Wind Waker which should be done in a few weeks to a month. I release a new chapter every other day on that one. 

While I have been mostly on Wattpad, and done some stuff on scribblehub, I haven't done a lot on Royal Road. I actually made this account ages ago but I've barely done anything with it. I'm trying to gauge how good original fantasy does on this site, but it seems like I might have a hard time of it.

Re: Hi I like Zelda and Brandon Sanderson

As it happens, my favorite novel is Elantris. I tell my students that I would assign it as required reading if I could. Alas, I only teach an extracurricular workshop, so there are no requirements. :) 

I actually have the limited edition leatherbound copy, and there's a little story there. Part of the reason why I love that novel so much is that I'm handicapped, and in constant chronic pain. Sanderson likes putting quotes from the book when he signs it, in lieu of personalized messages, but without knowing he put in my favorite line. Pain loses its power when other things become more important. My nieces have the same condition that hit me, and one of them loved the book. When they did a second run of the leatherbound, I explained the situation and made a request that was against the guidelines: Sanderson does not take requests. He gets too many to do that. But even so, when my niece's copy arrived, it had the exact same line. I guess since it was already part of the standard rotation, he saw no harm in it. 

Anyway, welcome! And you should go right ahead with your fantasy. Just because reincarniskekaied litRPG is the top dog here doesn't mean there aren't plenty of people looking for something without any stats.