Re: Is Truck-kun a hero or villian?

Truck-kun, as you know, is a reoccurring character across multiple isekai, often appearing to kill our soon to be protagonist in order to allow them to be reincarnated to another world.

We know that Truck-kun can shapeshift as he often appears as different makes and models of truck, and in rare instances he is a train or tractor.

Now to the primary topic of this discussion- does truck-kun know he is transporting countless japanese citizens, often (bit not always) between the age of 13 to 20, to other worlds to become heros, or is he just a ruthless, bloodthirsty murderer who cant be stopped, and young Japanese citizens just happen to be his MO?

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Re: Is Truck-kun a hero or villian?

Indeed, Truck-kun is like the knife in the hands of an assassin. A hero got summoned; the universe responds by sending Truc-kun. He's a neutral entity. 

EDIT: Except in cases where Truck-kun is an actual character with motivations who will re-appear later in the story. But if you could replace the truck with a rock-slide or a fire or any number of accidents, then he is neutral. 

Re: Is Truck-kun a hero or villian?

You forgot that sometimes, Truck-kun decimates dozens of people at a time sometimes.   However, id say in the end, he is probably a Hero, since somehow miraculously, he never takes more lives then absolutely necessary. 

However, I suspect that Truck-kun is actually just a manifested form or Familiar Spirit of a God of Reincarnation, and he is loyally serving his master by using his Divine Familiar powers to manifest himself at just the right time and place to reincarnate someone without any collatoral damage.   This would also explain why Truck-kun has the ability to shapeshift, since as the manifested form of a Divine Familiar Spirit, naturally he can alter his manifested form.   And since he is actually a spiritual being, he is able to extract the soul upon contact and safely carry it across worlds.   

Although in rare cases like getting too many Reincarnation requests at once, he sometimes outsources some work to spirits that possess knives and guns and possess their owners to do certain crimes that result in a death that reincarnates someone.  Sometimes they even possess dust to make people sneeze to death.  However, in the end, they are just subordinates of Truck-kun.

THe only truly consistent thing about Truck-kun is that in his Truck form, despite making engine noises sometimes, he actually runs on divine energy and therefore does not use any fuel and does not create any pollution.  That, and he will always complete a reincarnation successfully.

Re: Is Truck-kun a hero or villian?

Truck-kun is both a hero and a villain. Morality is a matter of perspective. Wouldn’t the people who are in need of truck-kun’s services, those who summon the heroes, see him as a true angel, a god of good bringing the heroes to save them no matter when they ask him too.

On the flip-side, this makes him a hitman. And because truck-kun doesn’t work for a governmental agency and is instead a mercenary. A mercenary who is paid and contracted by otherworldly beings, beings who don’t have any right interacting with earth.
Because of this he’s technically acting on his own from our perspective, which is the only one that matters to us.
Therefore, by all logic truck-kun is a serial killer that can’t be caught.

I myself think of him as a grey area. He himself isn’t inherently bad, and is just providing a service. The real serial killers are the gods and summoners who order him to do his job.