Re: What counts as being worthy of rep?


EnhancedBeing Wrote: In building on this, I'm curious if there's a difference in views on this matter between Brits and Americans- Americans who have more of a tipping culture than in Britain where a thank you is enough. 
Is giving rep seen by American users on here as a given and for Brits does it reflect on our culture of 'tipping'? Are they even equivocal things?
I can't speak for the rest of the world on this I'm afraid, but just a thought.

As an American, I refuse to perpetuate the bad habit of tipping, as it is used an an excuse to pay waiters terrible wages.

Living in California, I'm in one of the few states that actually pays its waiters well, so I never tip. I'll let them keep the change, but no way am I tipping someone getting paid 14 dollars an hour while people who work harder don't.

Rep is basically free and makes people feel good. There's no reason to be super stingy with it, but its value isn't the same for everyone. It's less American and European and more a case by case basis.

Re: What counts as being worthy of rep?

I give rep when i remember to. 

Most of the time i just forget about the function as i don't care much about likes, RT and such. Maybe i'm too old for that. ^^

When I remember to, it's either a funny post, a useful post, or a useful comment. 

Your post just reminded me to give some rep to my commentors, so that was useful, please have some rep from me ^^