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WOW. This is a blessing! Time to add more stuff to my "to read" list.
In the meantime, here's my contribution

When I'm with you: When I'm with you | Royal Road
WLW, GL, Romance, Comedy, School life, Slice of life, Short story
She followed me to my doorstep, and we embraced in a hug that lasted way longer than it should. As she departed, bidding an I'll text you when I'm home -a mere formality in Singapore- I began to wonder.

Did she feel the same?

In which Rachel has feelings for her best friend Jiamin.

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Thank you so much for doing this list! I just wanted to throw in: Maybe add The Wandering Inn? I realize it takes like four million words for the first gay characters to be revealed, but it does have them and also lesbian and trans characters.

Edit: It's not clear yet how major or minor these characters are going to be but I have a feeling at least one of the trans characters will become a major character.

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At the End of the World

Bisexual, Gothic, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Apocalyptic

The Scions have been locked up all their lives, isolated from any living beings, including each other. When a chance to gain back their freedom and unveil the secrets of their world, and themselves, arrives, they don’t hesitate to take it. Even if they have to kill God to achieve their goals.

Thank you so much for doing this!

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Qwart Wrote: Why would we need any LGBT tag? People come here for the story, not sexuality of a character. If you want to read LGBT stories then go to Wattpad which is all about those stuff.

I personally don't want to see tags like that except for boys love (opposite of yuri). I remember how LGBT community on wattpad was so racist and hostile to people not being gay enough (the irony) to the point where they had take down the forums, and I don't want to see here people who torn to shreds in comments poor black guy for marring a white guy

Sometimes people want to read main characters that are similar to them? So I guess thats why they would want an LGBT tag. Also, I'm saddened to hear about people being racist on wattpad. TBH, no community is exempt from racism :(
Making a thread about LGBT stories doesn't promote racism, nor does it deflect from other stories on the site, so it's harmless.

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Sereminar Wrote: This isn't a thread for debating the merit of a Lgbt+ tag, I appreciate the bumps keeping it in the first page but it would be great if posts were kept relevant to the topic: compiling RR stories with Lgbt+ characters. So like, if you have any recs that would be appreciated, otherwise you are free to make your own thread
Sorry, but I wanted to get some things straight since someone mentioned the tags. I usually need two to three post to get my thoughts straight, so I'll delete the previous ones and pack everything into one line:

Tags on RR are for describing the story, not minor character traits. There is no way in hell anything outside of that spectrum will be added

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Tags: Bisexual, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Isekai, Drama, GameLit

No romance, but I am an aggressively bisexual author and tend to display that. Essentially, really chill approach to sexuality and mentions of stuff like flirting between male characters. I also intend to include a culture of polyamorous relationships at some point, and I think that counts. (Not harems, mind you, the sort of poly relationship where everyone involved is in love with everyone else at once. I may explore more structures but that's for later.)

It's an isekai story about learning to accept and make the most of whatever you have left.

Desc: The protagonist is a boy who hates his name. After the suicide of a close friend and peer role model, he's on the edge of the same fate. But he doesn't follow her. Not even as his resolve to keep going is tested time and time again once he's sent into the worlds of magic and monsters he once longed for. 

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Hi! I'm new here and would love for my Dystopian M/M Romance to be added to the list! It does contain MPREG, but the driving force of the story is the relationship between the two leads, and the arc in their characters as the story progresses.

Dystopian, Drama, Romance, Mpreg, Soft Sci-Fi

Blurb: Eldon Miller is a solitary man with a painful past. When he's not protecting his village from vicious wolf hybrids and outside dangers, he hides away in his cabin on the outskirts of civilization. Bitter and wounded, he refuses to get close to anyone -- until a rainstorm drops a handsome stranger right into his path, testing Eldon's limits in every possible way.

Like all genetically engineered Blythers, Milo belongs to the ruling capitol of Dominus. Most of his kind are forced to serve the population, but Milo's unique anatomy is designed for scientific experimentation. Pregnant and on the run, he carries painful memories of his own.

With the safety of his village hanging in the balance, Eldon must find a way to hide Milo from the clutches of the government, but can he resist the tenderness, hope, and light Milo and his child bring into the dark corners of his world? When friendship turns to passion, and passion becomes love, demons from the past threaten to take it all away.

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It'll be a bit before any of it is getting any real attention as romance isn't a core part of the plot for quite awhile at list, but I'd like to add

Nisteria Chronicles -

Bi/Pansexual, Asexual, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, LitRPG

Kahari, Bedora, Nissa, and Chara are a party of four in the world of Nisteria. As they team up to taken down a shady organization that took everything from Kahari, they find themselves thrust into a conflict older and more complex than they could ever have known. Along the way to unravel dark machinations from powers far above them, they build themselves a family from each other and the others they meet along the way, building a foundation of stone that they hope is strong enough to weather the coming storms.

Yes I know probably not the best description, but blurbs and descriptions like that are hard for me

Anyway, while the LGBTQIA+ themes aren't upfront and take a bit to start to get any real screen time, they are there and important to the characters.