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I totally forgot about this thread.

Feel free to add my other stories as well, and you can have all of them on the github list.


Pansexual MC, LGBTQIA+ side characters of all flavors, both major and minor, Fantasy, Tragicomedy, Adventure, Psychological.

Free Lances:

Multiple PoVs, one of which is Bi, various LGBTQIA+ side chars both major and minor, Fantasy, Action, Psychological, Tragedy, War and Strategy. 

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Sylvie_Savant Wrote: Personally I don't really see the point of adding MOL, as noted its the most popular on the site so its gonna overshadow everything else in a big way if its included.
Content wise, I finally read it a couple of months ago and it didn't strike me as aro or ace rep personally, whilst I get headcannonin the main character as aro/ace personally I felt like it was more of an exclusion due to the nature of the plot than anything else?
Maybe other peoples experiance will vary? (I'm AroAllo)

I wouldn't include it. To be honest I got some homophobic vibes from it.
There's a scene where the MCs brother makes a gay joke at him and Zach, and his urge is to kick his brother for the percieved insult of them being boyfriends.
This together with a decided lack of any non-straight character in the whole story left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Hey hey, I have two more fictions to submit!

Foxstone by KittraMcBriar
Ongoing, pansexual MC, polyamory, WLW, characters with physical disabilities, autism 
Fantasy, romance, drama, adventure
Beatrice, an anomaly in a world of magical shape-shifters, must forge a place for herself in a society that’s actively hostile to her kind 

Stonesong by KittraMcBriar
Ongoing, pansexual MC, polyamory, WLW
nonhuman MC, fantasy, soft sci-fi, steampunk, adventure, romance 
Forced from the underground for the first time in her life by an army of abominations, a tiny goblin must find a way to survive in an Overworld of endless, towering forests filled with dinosaurs, orcs, elves, and—worst of all—humans

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My new short story:
Name: A Proclamation for Mischief
Tags: Non-Binary, Polysexual, Aromantic, Pansexual, Neo-Pronouns (spread across the two MC's)
A short story, featuring the Witch Cameron and the Warlock Xilian as they take advantage of a poorly worded curse

What would you do if you realised the kings magic couldn't effect you?


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Hello everyone!

New to RR, but I've been writing on and off for many years.  I first posted my story years ago on Nifty and later on GayAuthors.

Now that I'm working on the sequel, I wanted to find new platforms where I can sure my work, and through a recommendation from a friend, I landed here on RR.

Check it out here if you're interested:

I would love to hear from you!


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If you love stories centered around tragedy, characters that go from powerless to OP, morally grey characters, cultivation fantasy, and the grumpy/sunshine trope then check out my story The Failed Assassination of the Thunder God! It's a glacial burn BL high fantasy romance following an immortal assassin and the God he's accused of killing! 

It's at 50k words right now and I'm just getting started! Warning, though. . . The content can be pretty graphic and isn't suitable for all readers. Discretion is advised! 

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Joined this site very recently because I couldn't find any good alternative so had to choose the lesser evil, good to know that despite the lack of a yuri tag there's this forum post to use since any love/romance in my stories will be in that category. I'll probably be here a lot.

A Letter Without Mysteries is a short storry that takes place in a world of Goddesses and saints, faith and holy sites (and only women although the characters wouldn't be able to recognise that as they can't know there's any other way for a world to be).  Its written as a letter sent by a saint in a dire situation to the woman she loved.
Tag: Lesbian/WLW/Yuri/GL, Fantasy, Mythos, Magic, some Horror but not enough to include in the actual tags of the site, Angst

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Hi there, I aware that some authors of the titles here might not wanted to be listed as LGBTQIA+ related stories. 
So would like to suggest please only recommend titles that you yourself as the author and do not mind to be identified as LGBTQIA+ related stories?
A collection of LGBTQIA+ Friendly Stories Published on Royal Road.
This little tool only sort and search by gender and sexual orientation terms.
Post your story on RR Forum LGBTQIA+ Thread at Recommendation section to get listed!