Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

After a fervent discussion with some fellow members, it was agreed upon that since there is no tag for the LGBTQIA stories on Royal Road, we should maintain a running list here. I am starting with link to my story. Please respond to this thread with link to your stories or other LGBTQIA+ stories on royal road that you recommend. The story just needs to have a prominent character be LGBTQIA+. It doesn't necessarily have to be a romance story with their identity front and center. If you could use the format below with upto 7 genre elements and upto fifty words description of the story, that will be great. :D 

I will update my post everyday at 9PM EST to include your links too. I do not know how successful this method will be, but let us try.

1) RakhtaBhushan - Link :
    Gay, BL, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mythology, Romance
    Golden prince, Suryadev, the image of perfection. But a darkness in his dreams eroded his soul. Vidyut, hardened by the cruelties of life, embraced the dark art of Tantra, for which he was both rejected and coveted. Would their love endure the wrath of forces, both good and evil?

    Bisexual, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Xianxia
    Mankind has discovered Genius. With two simple tests, not only can a person find out if they're a Genius, but they also will be told what they're a Genius at. Unless they find out they're a Dot. The only thing a Dot knows is that the world hates them. That is, unless you're a Dot named Hank.

3) GALACTIC Volume 1: Truth -
    Bisexual, Action, Fantasy, Horror, Portal/Isekai, Romance, Supernatural
  200 years in the future Earth is inhabited by aliens races. 100 years after first being colonized by the Regal Empire and gaining independence, Earth now has alien hybrids.
They're called astrals. Ace is an astral, but he has the most boring and common ability of all: teleportation.

4) The New Journey of an Old Soul:
     Yuri, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Mature, Romance
   The story of a soul seeking new adventure in a new life. A secret wish to find some things he never really found in his old life. Will the universe have other ideas for him again?

5) A Hero Past the 25th
    Yuri?, Action, Adventure, Anti-Hero Lead, Fantasy, Female Lead, Portal/Isekai
Ever since she was a child, Itaka Izumi dreamed of being transported into a world of medieval fantasy, where to live her life as a brave hero by the sword. One day, by a miracle, Izumi actually gets her way. Only—she's a child no more... Sequel also available here or inside the fiction page's description. Second sequel also available here

6) Lily Ex Machina
     Lesbian, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Tragedy
How do you move on from loss? Do you despair? Do you give in? Do you forget? Do you deny? Or do you find an objective, and force yourself to carry on? How much are you willing to sacrifice to move forward? This is the tale of Lily Voirgaire: A girl with the right talent, in the wrong field. Sequel is available: here

7) Binary Soul
     Yuri, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mature, Romance, Sci-Fi
A world of swords and magic. A place where dreams became reality, legends came to life and the carrots weren’t bad either. One day, a star fell onto this world, carrying one passenger. Okay, there might have been two, but one isn’t a person so let’s call it one and a half.

8) The Bell Flower Malady
     Lesbian, Asexual, Panromantic, Nonbinary, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, War/Military
Young Rosemary Evergreen from the forest town of Bellflower is an unspectacular student of magic whose life falls to ruins as her friend is drafted to join a deadly war against a mysterious assailant. She sets out on a journey to find her friend, but must join the war to do so.

9) Reverse Reincarnation
     Bisexual, Gay, Asexual, Agender, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Portal/Isekai, Slice of Life, Xianxia
Returning to a previous life she doesn’t remember, Tori wakes up in a fantasy world as the heir to an empire. One where magic called cultivation rules. While doing research and kickstarting an industrialization, she has to deal with a family of transmigrators, politics, and spirits.

10) High Artificer
      Lesbian (wlw), Action, Adventure, Fantasy, LitRPG, Portal/Isekai, Post Apocalyptic
A young woman named Brittney spends an evening playing a newly released RPG and wakes up the next morning in a field. She’s unlocked something called the ‘High Artificer System’ and quickly finds herself in the cross-hairs of a beautiful but psychotic sorceress.    

11) My eyes can see
      Yuri, Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Do you believe in the supernatural? I didn't. At least not until I woke up with a strange power. At first, I thought it was cool, but it wasn't. That power ruined my life.

12) From the Final World
       Yuri, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Tragedy, Female Lead, Magic, Strong Lead
I have lived a long, long time. Longer than the universe knows; longer than any star has seen or traveling light records. My memories; that is all that is left that knows that length, and that which was seen within it. Then again, that is all that ever did. When I am gone, it will be forgotten, a truth and a history lost.

13) Dexs/ Clairs Adventure
       Lesbian, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature, School Life, Slice of Life
I was a normal pupil and lived my daily live with school and light novels as well as a couple of games. I often had the dream of forsaking my world and living in a new world with magic and monster. And after a normal day it happened.

14) Lament of the Fallen
       Yuri, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Female Lead, Magic
What happens when the great war is over and the 'good' side has won? What happens to the last surviving members of the fallen 'evil' side of the conflict? This is the tale of one of those survivors. Will she try to seek revenge? Will she try to hide her origin and ancestry and live in peace? Or will the universe have something else in mind?

15) On the Ship (girlxgirlxgirl)
      Yuri?, Female Lead, Multiple Lead Characters, Romance, Sci-fi, School Life, Slice of Life
Three teenage girls, living on the colony ship Horus One as it makes its thirty-year journey across space, have found themselves in an awkward romantic triangle. After some dramatic discussions and love confessions, they have decided to try out an unconventional relationship-- they're going to date each other.

16) Hands Held in the Snow
       Lesbian, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Urban Fantasy
Aspiring priest Beatrice dreams of saving the world. Delinquent debutante Emi dreads her looming engagement to a distant noblewoman. A chance meeting in a library ignites a flame of love in their hearts. But, as the pair explore the wintery city of Balarand and each other, they must contend with their relationship’s uncertain future.

17) The Glory of Bowsette
       Trans/Lesbian, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Magic, War and Military
Bowser, on his last legs and in a desperate act, decides to abandon everything he's ever cared about. But upon obtaining the Super Crown, he finds a new purpose in life, unlocking a potential that he never saw coming...

18) Yuri Sensei
      Yuri, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance, Short Story, Female Lead, Slice of Life
This is a few short stories about Yuri teachers, starting with The Teacher and the Cosplayer.

19) Hy'Ruh-Ha
       Asexual, Drama, Fantasy, Male Lead, Non-Human lead, Slice of Life
Soletus, a young elf, was looking forward to completing his monk training to become a Warden of the Dias Brotherhood. However, he is held back by his well-meaning, but strict father. Instead of joining the ranks, he is paired up with a traumatized shy boy name Mien. The sequel  is complete and the sequel's sequel is ongoing.

20) Milo
      Gay, Contemporary, Drama, Romance, Male Lead, Multiple Lead Characters, Slice of Life
One long summer at their house in the South of France is much like all those previous summers. Except this year is different. Milo turns sixteen. Childhood is receding. There are expectations. No longer can he hide in the imagined worlds of literature. This will be a summer like none other. Will he survive the storms?

21) Remnants
       Gay, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Magic, Mythos
Kiol is the Society's best soldier. He killed the Cult of Envy's leader and eradicated her nest. He chases down Nirin in the middle of a raid, the boy whose life he spared once already and finds himself inexplicably saving again. He feels a connection to Nirin unlike anything he's felt before, even knowing the boy is a cultist and a rebel.

22) The Demon Lord's Lover
      Bisexual, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Magic, Male Lead
Julius Goldforge knows how the world works. He knows his role. Really, it's destiny by this point. The mentor dies, the hero gains motivation, and the demon lord falls to their blade. Except...something's clearly gone wrong here.

23) Nighthunter
       Bisexual, Fantasy, Romance, Female Lead, LitRPG, Non-Human lead
Reality shifts and Alexa finds herself trapped in a world far darker and deadlier than the one she knew. Her new body is stronger and faster, and she connects to the magic around her, but it may not be enough to protect the scattered remnants of humanity she comes across.

24) At The End of the World:     
      Yuri?, Drama, Horror, High Fantasy, Multiple Lead Characters. Post Apocalyptic. Strong Lead
Heaven and Hell collapsed and humanity must try to survive in the new nightmarish wonderland, as God consumes them to gestate and be reborn. Until the day Kayla, Darren, Vivien and Joshua finally meet and start planning their escape and their own journey to kill God and save themselves.

25) Love Crafted
      Yuri?, Comedy, Horror, High Fantasy, Mythos, Non-Human lead, Strong Lead, Supernatural
To Enter Five Peaks Magical Academy you must have a familiar. Abigail hoped for a bird, maybe an owl like her best friend's, or a cuddly cat or loyal hound. She would have been happy with a particularly smart toad, even.

26) Arcadis Park
      Yuri?, Contemporary, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Female Lead, Multiple Lead Characters
Jonah is a college senior who returned to the summer job that she's had every year since she was old enough to work: lifeguarding at the run down waterpark. Things take a turn for the worse when a dismembered body is discovered in the lake that feeds the park's attractions.

27) Graven:
      Genderfluid, Adventure, Contemporary, Multiple Lead Characters, Portal Fantasy / Isekai, Post Apocalyptic, Super Heroes
The world has undergone catastrophic changes as the result of superhuman conflict. Entire continents and civilizations have been lost. In the wake of this latest tragedy, a band of powerful superhuman bounty hunters comes together to track down the source of these disasters, and save what remains of the world.

28) As the Godking Wills:
       Agender, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Short Story, Multiple Lead Characters, Ruling Class
The Empire is run by three people. Their job is to make sense of the contradictory nonsense spewed forth by their living God while simultaneously ruling the greatest nation that the world has ever known. They also have to maintian the facade that Al'Shazan is a benevolent and loving God.

29) Words on a Screen
      Gender non-conforming, Drama, Romance, Male Lead, School Life, Secret Identity
Sanada Masumi spends his nights crossdressing as the adorable idol Low-Life! It's been over a year since that decision, and he still has no viewers. Until one day, someone visits. Masumi soon finds himself catching feelings for his viewer, and the lines between Low-Life and Masumi start to blur...

30) Flawsome
      Gay, Drama, Tragedy, Male Lead, School Life
“Imagine someone who likes you so much, they make you like yourself.” Neo just wants it all to end, but right when he worked up the guts to put his actions where his mouth is, Calo show's up to save the day, and maybe his week. And who knows, maybe even his life.

31) Song
      BL, Action, Drama, Romance, Anti-Hero Lead, High Fantasy, Martial Arts, Multiple Lead Characters
Driven by hatred, Song fights to free him and his partner of the Shadow Palace's clutches. Though he yearns for a life free of killing, his Emperor has other plans for him.

32) Neon
      Gay, Action, Cyberpunk, Harem, Multiple Lead Characters, Post Apocalyptic, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy
Joel finds himself alone on the streets after curfew. How he got there is not clear, his memory is fragmented. Is it being rescued to find yourself in a sex club? Past, present, and future are interwoven, somehow there must be an answer? Perhaps, he is the answer?

33) Redwood Crossing
      Yuri, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life
Ellie’s the heiress apparent to Stockbrunn, a town at odds with both the nearby wolves and itself. Shreya’s caught up in her own world too, trying to escape and reject her identity as a monster she doesn’t want to be. She hides her wolf ears beneath her hat.

34) Silver Death:
      Yuri, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mature, Romance
"At first sight, Yuri is a quiet, cute girl. Today is the day of her execution. Why? That’s because she’s a serial killer. While being tortured to death, she is suddenly summoned to another world. What happens when someone like this is transferred to a world without laws?"

35) Hero’s Trouble; How did I end up as Hero?
      Yuri, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Horror, Mature, Slice of Life
The Story revolves around Jack, who ends up being teleported to another world. As a slight accident happens, he’s now in the body of a female. What will happen in this world, filled with magic and fantasy beings, if there’s a crazed pervert hero running lose?

36) A Hero’s Common Sense:
      Yuri, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender
Even though I was reborn as a beautiful maiden, I wasn’t the one to slay the demon lord. However, instead of an eternal vacation in a fantasy land, I had to babysit a horribly overpowered dunce who calls me a childhood friend, while dodging this bastard’s flags.

37) The reincarnated heroine
      Yuri, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Mature, Tragedy
A young man reads a book he finds in a bookstore simply titled "The reincarnated heroine". He is pulled into the world as the very same heroine; however, this is not a kind world. She must overcome the trials that come with it to make a mark on the world.

38) Felicia’s Second Life
      Yuri, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, Reincarnated
My name is Felicia Belphere Metrune. I was originally a 29 year old man who lived in Cornwall. We are a noble family, but why is our house so run down? Why does our army consist of one person? Why do we have so much land but it’s all barren? Author has their own website.

39) Red Moon     
      Yuri, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy
This is the story of the human hero Luna Rubra and her past.

40) These days
      Yuri, Drama, Romance, School Life, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Best friends Lilly and Rea have been inseparable since they first met at the local park years ago. On the tenth anniversary of their friendship, Rea makes her true feelings clear. In the weeks following this development, strange phenomena have begun to occur around Lilly. (full version)

41) The Dark Inheritor
       Lesbian, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Mature, Romance, Supernatural, Tragedy
A princess should live her life as a princess, right? Sadly, this is not that story. One day, a mysterious woman grants her the perk "Defeat Inheritor." From that day onwards, Aisha begins her new life filled with freedom and danger.

42) Re:Lovely
       Lesbian, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mature, Romance
One day Noel finds out that there is indeed an afterlife. She’s also given a second chance. While keeping her eye on the prize our heroine journeys through this strange new world causing various minor shenanigans and chaos. Enjoy!

43) Breaking Syd
      Yuri?, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mature, Supernatural, Fan Fiction
A young woman attains the gift that keeps on giving. When real life turns wonky, she realizes that things are not what they seem. After all, things change when you can suddenly see floating windows and helpful messages all over the place. Not to mention leveling up.

44) The science of magic universe – The saint
      Yuri?, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Saint Sophia was one of the most important characters in the history of the world, but who was the woman behind the myth?

45) Twisted Nerves:
      Yuri?, Action, Horror, Mature, Romance, Sci-Fi, Virtual Reality, Tragedy
After having payed her weekly visit to her psychiatric, Lia heads home while thinking about her mother and Dr. Kris’s proposition: playing a game. Supposedly, the game would make her world whole again. Supposedly, the game would take away the boredom that is her life.

46) The Games we used to Play
      Yuri?, Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mature, Virtual Reality, Tragedy
Did you ever wish that life was like a game? With a simple press on the reset button you can just restart whenever you made a mistake, or simply resurrect after dying while fighting monsters in a dungeon. I tried playing REALITY once, and it sucks!

47) New Game Plus:
      Yuri?, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life,
In the world of Sykerion, year 451, the demon lord was defeated. Thoth, the hero, died at the end of the battle, satisfied that he finally able to die. After waking up, he believes that fate is just toying with him now. He has reincarnated as a female child.

48) I’ve Been Summoned as a Hero...I’m a God Though
      Yuri?, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, LitRPG, Summoned Hero
I bring fortune and luck. I was on vacation until someone decided to summon me to another world and stick the "hero" title to me. This new world seems like the games that appeared on Earth in the last decades, so I'm just going to enjoy it for a while.

49) Once More
      Yuri?, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Female Lead, Non-Human lead, Strong Lead
"Trouble is brewing, the world is of Karridor is hurtling toward an inevitable doom, and no matter how long I ignore it nobody else seems willing to fix it!" Follow the lazy and capricious "Goddess" Alexandria as she struggles to find someone who can solve the big problems without her.

50) A saga of Alviona, a girl who would be known as Crimson Queen
      Yuri?, Action, Fantasy, LitRPG, Grimdark, Non-Human lead, Secret Identity, Strategy
Meet Archill and Reiolle. They fall in love and wish to have a child, however the laws of the universe do not allow them to do such act. And so they have a child, but in the process, they get destroyed. What will the child end up being?

51) Maou Shoujo Makoto Chaos
      Lesbian, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Anti-Hero Lead, Harem, Non-Human lead, Reincarnation,
She is thrown out into the wilderness with the condition to return to the demon castle within three years, to have a claim to the throne. But she does not really feel the urge to do so... or will her secret Chuunibyou heart win out?

52) The Demon Queen
      Yuri?, Adventure, Fantasy, Anti-Hero Lead, LitRPG, Non-Human lead, Summoned Hero
"Welcome heroes from another world! Humanity needs your help in defeating the [Demon King]! You are the destined heroes to defeat him!" Or so he says. No matter what, isn't this a really weird situation? I'm a demon you know? Why was I summoned as a hero?!

53) A Girl and her Goat
      Lesbian, Adventure, Fantasy, Anti-Hero Lead, Female Lead, Harem, Strong Lead
Chloe Yinara, she’s a countess, she expects to be a marquis in due time, she’s a mage, and she’s staring at a black goat that appeared in the summoning circle when she called for a familiar and took more power to summon then she could have possibly provided.

54) I’m a girl, but I like another girl?!
      Yuri, Comedy, Contemporary, Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
For 16-year-old Aya, life was simple. Academically gifted as one of the top students in the nation, and heralding from the renowned and wealthy Kuramoto family, it was like she was playing life on easy mode. Everything was going according to plan, until the new transfer student arrived...

55) Late Night at Lund’s:
Lesbian, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Female Lead, LitRPG, Magic
Dental hygienist Isa Chamberlin thought the biggest challenge in her life was getting over a messy breakup, but when she pops into a new neighborhood bar, she finds herself in a different world, one filled with wizards, spells, and monsters.

56) Flow:
      Lesbian, Action, Fantasy, Romance, Female Lead, Strong Lead
Jessica is a young peasant who has worked in her family’s fields for her entire life. Recent events have increased the burden resting on her family’s shoulders, but she retains her free and unbridled personality. That day, however, her path crosses with circumstances beyond the control of most beings.

57) Zeroth Knight
       Lesbian, Action, Fantasy, Romance, Anti-Hero Lead, Grimdark, Harem, Summoned Hero
Eve finds herself in a world destined to fall into madness demands a hero; and forces itself upon Evangeline, even if it's against her will. Will she allow fate to twist her being into another, or run from it? And will her past help define her future?

58) A 3% Chance for Glory
      Yuri, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, LitRPG, Slice of Life
Brynhildr finds recourse in the little gambles of the [Gacha], the little spikes of happiness that it grants her. But when she finds a new [Gacha] game on her phone, everything changes. She's sent to another world, a world of fantasy and magic. With a class that fits her perfectly.

59) Lily Bouquet – A Girls Love Anthology
      GL, Romance, Short Story, Female Lead, Multiple Lead Characters
Lily Bouquet is a collection of different short stories with a common theme: they're all stories about love between girls. The stories might vary in themes and genre, but they're all focused on the romantic relationship between two or more girls.

60) Mourning Glory
      Yuri?, Contemporary, Drama, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
Afraid another tragedy will happen, Sara selfishly becomes friends with the girl but never expected that she would be the one who light's up Sara's world in the darkness. Bound by fate and desire the two develop a friendship they never expected and fall in love despite their wishes.

61) エッセンス (Essence):
      Yuri, Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Harem, Multiple Lead Characters, School Life, Strong Lead
Year 2042, 15 years ago, the Earth experienced a cataclysmic event on a worldwide scale known as the First Nebula Invasion. Aiko joins the same Essentia Academy, that Sachika also attends known as the Phantom Queen. Together they become Familiar and Coordinator to battle the rising threat of the Nebula.

62) I Came Back In Order To See You
      Yuri, Action, Contemporary, Fantasy, Sci-fi, School Life, Strong Lead
40 years later, a student from this new magical land disappeared from the surface of earth. After working in another worlds for 50 years and gained colossal powers, she finally came back in order to see the one that she longed for the most. However, only 10 days passed in her world.

63) Runtime Error
      Yuri?, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, LitRPG, Reincarnation, Strong Lead
A girl shakes off their control, and forces the plans of beings millennia old to change? With only what she could take with her in her mind, and a new body with surprising depths, she begins her new life in a world unlike her own.

64) Lilies Over Roses, Spring Over Autumn
      Yuri, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Reincarnation, School Life, Slice of Life
Princess Hilda woke up 1000 years after a human. The magic in the world is thinning; the demons returned under a new ruler. However, the most problematic of all, the infamously cruel ruler of the human race took notice of her. Thus begins the life of a fallen royalty.

65) The Game Of The Gods
      Yuri?, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, LitRPG, Martial Arts, Strong Lead
Elena wakes up one morning to a blue screen in front of her. This blue screen tells her that she is one of Two Million poeple on earth chosen to be Beta Testers in a new game called The Game Of The Gods. What will she do?

66) ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture:
      Non-Binary, Action, Comedy, Mystery, Artificial Intelligence, Cyberpunk, Super Heroes
In the future of decades past, a world of robots and CRTs, Atlanta is the most powerful city in the world. Morgan Harding together with a mysterious sentient robot and an overworked college student, keep Atlanta safe from the technological threats that arise...constantly...

67) Falling Petals
      Yuri?, Fantasy, Grimdark, Non-Human lead, Post Apocalyptic, Reincarnation, Ruling Class
A frontier village was unnecessarily put to the sword. A father stoked the fires of war to punish an errant daughter, and perhaps set her straight, but as often happens when fire is applied in a measure too much: it can get rather out of hand.

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Re: LGBTQIA Stories


Hello Miss Bliss. Although we don't find out about it until the first chapter of the next book, The Book of ABSTINENCE in my story, DOTS, Rio is bisexual and lives with her girlfriend, Leanne. And as we have found out, with young Anna getting steamy in her jeans watching Teek and Aika cosplay, she has got to be at least bicurious.

Not that all this matters much, I suppose. It is The Book of ABSTINENCE , after all. 😁

Re: LGBTQIA Stories


FantasyBliss30 Wrote: After a fervent discussion with some fellow members, it was agreed upon that since there is no tag for the LGBTQIA stories on Royal Road, we should maintain a running list here. I am starting with link to my story. Please respond to this thread with link to your stories or other LGBTQIA stories on royal road that you recommend. I will update my post everyday at 9PM EST to include your links too. I do not know how successful this method will be, but let us try.

1) RakhtaBhushan - Link :

2) DOTS -


I went to the suggestion page, and searched up topics on creating an LGBT tag, but the owners have stated that they dont want one. I don't know why! Oh well, I guess this thread is the next best thing.

Re: LGBTQIA Stories

68) Inheritors
Asexual, Bisexual, Trans, and Lesbian Side Characters, Action, Drama, Horror, Psychological, Male Lead, Super Heroes
Follow Gabe, a clone of the greatest hero ever, as he struggles to survive a world where emotions grant fantastic powers and create cosmic horrors. When he stumbles on a senseless massacre, he sets out to clear his name and help the one survivor - the young Mateo.

69) Metaworld Chronicles
Yuri? (after like 300 chapters), Adventure, Contemporary, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Slice of Life, Strong Lead
Gwen Song awoke in a world that was not her own, in which everything she was familiar with had been replaced. Instead of airplanes and electricity, this 21st-century Earth is ruled by magic and dragons; humanity survives in a land of magical beasts and otherworldly beings, protected by shielded enclaves.

70) Sleeping Princess
Yuri, Contemporary, Drama, Romance, Harem, School Life, Slice of Life
Nakagawa Madoka wakes up from a coma only to find out that her life has changed. Her mom has found a new lover after her father died. Not only that, she now has a stepsister. Madoka then meets her mother’s new lover…who seems to have taken a liking to her.

71) Acacia Chronicle
Yuri?, Adventure, Anti-Hero Lead, Grimdark, High Fantasy, Non-Human lead, Strong Lead
It is the duty of a Vizier of the Eye to do battle against the enemies of the Empire, be they humans, elves, or eldritch horrors far beyond even the darkest fathoms of the gods. That by her hand, the world of Melodia and the Empire of Arcadia might endure.

72) Misadventures of a Rampaging Demon
Yuri?, Adventure, Anti-Hero Lead, High Fantasy, Multiple Lead Characters, Non-Human lead, Strong Lead
Her name is Lilizath VekxZ’Kraugh (Lily for short). She enjoys cuddling, stargazing, and devouring the torn apart bodies of her enemies. The demon girl rampages across a fantasy world, satisfying her demonic urges while making friends with various terrified humans.

73) The Hollow
Yuri?, Fantasy, Psychological, Anti-Hero Lead, Gender Bender, Reincarnation, Strategy
For a former sociopath experiencing emotions might seem troubling, until they realize they are now alone and stranded in a new world in a female body. Of course, alone discounts the distinctly demonic, succubus looking spirit stitched to their soul, who has an uncomfortable love of sharp stabbing things.

74) A World of Mosters
Asexual (by technicality), Horror, Grimdark, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Non-Human lead, Reincarnation, Villainous Lead
For an unforgivable crime, the universe is sundered apart. From its splintered shards, a Sorceress is made to reborn. However, a human was unneeded thus what was once a human is now a monster- vermin and nothing more. With mere months for lifespan, the Sorceress fights to survive.

75) Worth the Candle
Asexual, Adventure, Drama, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Male Lead, Portal Fantasy / Isekai
A teenager struggling after the death of his best friend finds himself in a fantasy world - which seems to be an amalgamation of every D&D campaign they played together. Now he's stuck trying to find the answers to why he's there and what this world is trying to say.

76) Hack and Slash
Demisexual, Sci-fi, Female Lead, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Progression, Virtual Reality
National leaders mashed together a dozen video games and added the ensuing virtual reality to a cryogenics system big enough for a billion people to escape total annihilation. And then shot the lucky minority into the void on a space ship. Gwen started her virtual life hiding in a tree.

78) Welcome to the Universal Body Exchange Program
Yuri?, Adventure, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Gender Bender, School Life
One day, Mike suddenly wakes up in another body. The body of a girl!
And there is this blue screen in front of him telling he is part of the Universal Body Exchange program? What is this!?
This is a middle ages setting, so why does everyone has super powers!?

79) How to Tame Your Princess
Yuri?, Comedy, Psychological, Romance, Gender Bender, Secret Identity, Virtual Reality
Follow the adventures of "Nick" Siegel, alias Elric Walker, alias...Victoria—Wait, what? Okay...err...Follow Nick Siegel, a afflicted with mild sociopathy and a worsening case of split personality, as he travels the virtual reality of Untold Tales, battling against undead butterflies, strange curses, and himself, and maybe find love.

80) Emmy And Me
Yuri?, Contemporary, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Strong Lead
A story about a young woman who meets a new student at school and has her life turned upside down.

81) The Morgulon
Gay, Adventure, High Fantasy, Multiple Lead Characters, Non-Human lead, Ruling Class, Steampunk
Greg never really wanted to become a werewolf hunter. He just wanted to prove to his father that he could do the job his family was famous for, maybe earn some money while he’s at it.
He certainly never wanted to become a werewolf or fight the inquisition.

82) Twisted Magic
Gay, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, High Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural
A disease stalks the city, a disease made of magic that only a wizard like Korin can cure. But he can't fight it alone, and his new allies may not be as friendly as they seem. Especially handsome Ádan, who awakens feelings that Korin would rather have left behind.

83) Serpents Kiss
BL, Yuri, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Magic, Multiple Lead Characters, Space Opera, Supernatural
A conspiracy against the Emperor sees Corinne and Yeijiro working together. Yeijiro’s loyalties are put into question as he must now prove himself to Miyōshi Tōru, lord of the clan Yeijiro renounced. While Corinne is drawn into a world of desire and decadence by a mysterious and dangerous patron.

84) Dark Wind, Icy Snow – (RyuTar, YinYuan)
BL, Action, Drama, High Fantasy, Ruling Class, Secret Identity, Strategy
Nox ZaiWin has always been seen as a pariah by those around him. His only goal? To govern over his poor, ravaged Province in peace.
Snow has lived most of his life locked in a dark room, explored and sold for his miraculous blood. He wants to be free!

85) The Syndicate
Gay, Adventure, Romance, Sci-fi, Multiple Lead Characters, School Life, Super Heroes
For as long as he can remember, Ronnie Nolan has loved superheroes. After a violent event awakens abilities in Ronnie, he’s given the opportunity to join the Syndicate of Heroes. Taran Webber grew up as superhero royalty, and saving the world is in his DNA. Can they save the day?

86) Outlands
Gay, Action, Adventure, Historical, Sci-fi, Portal Fantasy / Isekai, Time Travel
Ryou, a relentlessly repressed accountant, accidentally slips between dimensions, right into the middle of a fight between a stranger and outlandish creatures. Since he's not a complete idiot, Ryou quickly retraces his steps and flees backs to the normal world, but he brings the stranger along with him.

87) In the Shadow of Heaven
Gay, Lesbian, Sci-fi, Anti-Hero Lead, Grimdark, Magic, Multiple Lead Characters, Space Opera, Strategy
Yan BarCarran is about be chosen for an apprenticeship. She's hoping for a research position, but instead, she's given an opportunity that puts the weight of the universe on her shoulders, and she learns that the Empire has been conducting a secret genocidal war for centuries.

88) Palus Somni
Lesbian, Trans, Gay, Intersex, Horror, Mystery, Dungeon, Grimdark, Multiple Lead Characters, Mythos, Supernatural
It is the final days after the end of the world and you only have one month left before the last sanctuary erupts into chaos. There's a body hanging from a tree and cadaverous giants watch you sleep. The end is already here, you just don't know it yet.

89) Vanquishing Evil for Love
Lesbian, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Female Lead, High Fantasy, Strong Lead
On her seventeenth birthday, she discovers her divine powers. While initially unwilling to go on a heroic journey to vanquish the Great Evil, her friend (an aspiring Royal Guard called Julie) makes her an offer: Go on the journey and I'll be your lover.

90) Blight and Bloom
Lesbian, Fantasy, Romance, Female Lead, Magic, Multiple Lead Characters, Supernatural
Dio's a fledgling vampire who finds herself at odds with a vampire hunter sent to kill her, but their lives become intertwined in the worst way possible: a third-realm hound, an infamous monster marks both Dio and the hunter as its lifelong prey. They team up to purge the evil.

91) Blacklight
Lesbian, Adventure, Drama, Low Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
My name is Kihri Vyas, and I’m dead.
My sister and I’ve found a bunch of weird shit. Stuff made of solid light, ghost attack dogs, people glowing black…
Cops don’t give a shit, of course, and my sister’s a boneheaded bleeding heart, so we’ve been investigating them ourselves.

92) Aria of the Fallen: Adventure in a Foreign System
Yuri, Adventure, Psychological, Romance, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Non-Human lead
Sláine E. Catháin a warrior rabbit-girl hailing from a different System, she's decided to come to the human's corner of reality because their methodology has led to them becoming extremely powerful, and even if it's in the foreign land of Arpege, Sláine intends to die a legend.

93) Brimstone
Trans, Lesbian, Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Romance, School Life
Liams new classmate may be love at first sight. But learning her secret has thrown them into a world they never knew existed - and with something brand new lodged into their mind. Will they be able to discover their path forward, or will she drive them mad getting there?

94) Don’t Label Me
Yuri?, Action, Comedy, Sci-fi, Tragedy, Anti-Hero Lead, Secret Identity
In a world full of awe-inspiring superpowers, incredible marvels and horrifying brutality, Alexandria King wants to walk her own path. Like many teenagers, she seeks independence, excitement and love. Not necessarily in that order. Sadly, her struggle is a little harder than most, as the heir to a rich dynasty.

95) Toil and Trouble, the Tale of the Summoned
Yuri, Adventure, Fantasy, Female Lead, GameLit, Non-Human lead, Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Zoey used to LARPed as a demon, and the System decided to suck her up and spit her into another world as one. This was a mistake on the universe's part, but once Zoey realized it was a better pay-out than flipping burgers, she was all for it.

96) Astralfice
Lesbian, Action, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Sports, Urban Fantasy
An encounter with a beautiful and seemingly immortal woman has shattered Astrid’s once-normal life. Astrid is drawn into a dangerous tournament, in which competitors pilot giant robots in wrestling matches. Will Astrid be able to help her team to victory, or will her social anxiety get the better of her?

97) I Am Going To Die (In This Game-Like Dimension)
Yuri?, Adventure, Romance, LitRPG, Magic, Portal Fantasy / Isekai, Stump (first book on Amazon)
Emma was always pretty good at beating the odds when it came to shitty luck. Now she’s stuck in a strange dimension, where the normal rules don’t seem to apply, together with a costumed crowd who seem strangely happy about this whole thing. Until the first people start dying.

98) Katalepsis
Lesbian, Horror, Romance, Female Lead, Magic, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
Nightmares and hallucinations have plagued Heather Morell all her life. Embroiled with a crippled, bad-tempered magician and her self-proclaimed ‘bodyguard’, Heather rapidly descends into a world of terrifying magic and otherworldly monsters, in an effort to stay sane, bring back the dead, and maybe make out with cool older girls.

99) Our Goddess
Lesbian, Drama, Romance, Harem, Mythos, Slice of Life, Urban Fantasy
Akari Mamori is a huge fan of Shintoism, from its modern practice to its ancient legends. Though she’d love for those fantastical myths to be true, Akari doesn’t put too much stock in stories of gods and spirits. Until she meets a genuine goddess and gets recruited into her harem!

100) Path of the Whisper Woman
Yuri?, Adventure, Drama, Psychological, Female Lead, High Fantasy, Magic
For as long as she can remember Gimlea's mother has trained her to become a whisper woman--to do what she never could. Gimlea will become one of the goddess's chosen so that she no longer has to be under anyone's thumb.

101) The Demonologues
Bisexual, Adventure, Female Lead, Gender Bender, High Fantasy, Non-Human lead, Reincarnation,
Indigo woke up in a body she didn't recognize, and a world she didn't know, without memories or even a name to define herself. Follow her adventures as she gets drunk with orcs, raids ruins for lost treasure, and chops the heads off hordes of zombies.

102) Medusa and the blind woman
Yuri?, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Mythos, Slice of Life
This story begins on the day that just another of these expeditions brings along an unusual woman. A priestess of Athena that was born blind and is not afraid of the Gorgon. Soon those two are forced into an unexpected coexistence on the small island.

103) Wooden Gem
Yuri?, Adventure, Gender Bender, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Mythos, Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Freya presents Chester with a choice: die as he was destined or be her champion and evangelist. Chester chooses life then embarks on an adventure to establish himself in a new life. 
Join Chester as he explores his new magical realm, its people, its magic, and a new body.

104) Of Frost and Steel
Lesbian, Adventure, Fantasy, Female Lead, Portal Fantasy / Isekai, Reincarnation, Strong Lead
Emily’s slightly unusual but still very normal life came to an abrupt end one day when an incoming car crashed into hers.
Waking up to find the faces of beings much larger than her who were not entirely human, and the opportunity to live a new life.

105) Druidification
Yuri?, Adventure, Tragedy, Grimdark, Low Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, Slice of Life
Natalie is a wildlife conservation officer who just wants to spend time with animals, helping them grow. But when given the option between trying to maintain her old life and living a new one with wild predators, what will she choose as the world she knew falls around her?

106) Synth
Nonbinary, Drama, Dystopia, Non-Human lead, Soft Sci-fi, Space Opera, War and Military
What greater purpose or grander sense of fulfillment could one hope for than to be a tool of King Decon, Galactic Ruler?
09T07 doesn’t know what more they want, but they know they’re missing something. Friendship? Intimacy? This seems to be the answer when they find others like them.

107) Awakening Chronicles
Agender, Adventure, Sci-fi, Grimdark, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Non-Human lead
After dying in his sleep, Marcus awakens and finds out he has been selected to become A World Administrator. However, some of the Administrators want to see everything torn asunder while others only exist to bring pain and misery. Will Marcus adapt to his new life in this cold universe?

108) Dwarves of Appalachia
Nonbinary, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Dungeon, GameLit, Gender Bender, Multiple Lead Characters
Jamie, apprentice scavenger at an antique shop has let their life become mundane, enjoyable in the nature-filled monotony of the small town. But when a small thread of mana pulls itself out of the ether and begins granting wishes, even their own life will be thrown into chaos.

109) Paternum: A Superhero Story
Nonbinary, Action, Adventure, Drama, Magic, Multiple Lead Characters, Super Heroes
When Quinn finds an experimental superpower-granting costume in their parents’ attic, they didn’t expect to be drawn into a web of superhuman intrigue, but their discovery serves as the catalyst for that conspiracy to slowly unravel.

110) Electronic Pulse
Nonbinary, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Sci-fi, Gender Bender
An interplanetary and introspective journey in the far reaches of the system, come and join our eccentric crew as they explore what it means to be human. Amidst crazy creations and a few awkward moments, can everyone keep a level head?

111) The Journal of Alexis Greco
Genderfluid, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Gender Bender, Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Even knowing about the tower of the worlds, nobody really expects to suddenly awaken in some strange othe world and made to fight strange, demonic beasts for the safety of all. Journeyman mage, ameture pistolero, and incubus Alexis Greco has mostly come to grips with the situation.

112) Magidrasa
Gay, Adventure, Romance, High Fantasy, Male Lead, Multiple Lead Characters, Secret Identity
Prince Melham, breaks with tradition and selecting his lover, a low born house guard called Korosh, as the knight to which he's bound. The duo set off for peace talks with the enemy. Along the way Melham discovers there's another enemy that threatens the kingdom he's soon to inherit.

113) Pellan Rise
Trans, Lesbian, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, GameLit, Portal Fantasy / Isekai, , (continued on scribblehub)
Sam is a quiet 16 year old quet nerd. A pretty typical guy. Choosing to play as a healer, Sam dives into the world of Pellan Rise as the dainty little healer named Sylanna, where he discovers that the game has more influence over the real world than everyone thought.

114) Touch
Bisexual, Adventure, Psychological, School Life, Secret Identity, Strategy, Urban Fantasy
James, and his friends are a group of young, superpowered people brought together by trauma; all trying, in their own ways, to come to terms with what that trauma means to them and who they want to be in response to it.

115) Beta Zero
Gay, Fantasy, Grimdark, LitRPG, Magic, Male Lead
You have been selected and given THE choice...
From the depths of your desire and desperation you have elected to accept OUR invitation...
Your suffering has brought you this chance and through pain and suffering you may yet become more...
Your World has abandoned you but you are not forgotten.

116) A Bard’s Tale
Bisexual, Adventure, Romance, High Fantasy, Magic, Male Lead, Strong Lead
Gage never intended to take his own life, but it amounts to the same; Hour of introspection at the bottom of a river.
Journey with a hopeless romantic hell-bent on making his second chance count. After all, a life is measured in the happiness one achieves through their own power.

117) Ar’Kendrithyst
Bisexual, Adventure, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Magic, Portal Fantasy / Isekai, Slice of Life
A father and his daughter crash land on a desert full of crystal plants and little else. City walls rise in the distance, but as the pair hike closer they see the mega-city is long dead.
Luckily, the adventuring city of Spur is alive and well outside of Ar’Kendrithyst’s shadow.

118) Kammi Kettu
Trans, Lesbian, Romance, Non-Human lead, Super Heroes, Urban Fantasy, Villainous Lead (continued on scribblehub)
Callum is alone in the States applying for a job as an engineer when the world changes forever. In an event called the Emergence he is changed into the legendary trickster fox. Follow Kalia as she descends into villainhood, becoming the greatest thief in Penrith city!

119) The Daily Grind
Bisexual, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Contemporary, Supernatural
A terminally bored IT guy finds a sub-dimension in the back stairwell of his office building.  It escalates from there.

120) Unwind
Gay, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Grimdark, Multiple Lead Characters, Urban Fantasy
Lance Wisteria searching for a cure for his mothers illness in the Woods of Mystery when his soul is nearly stolen, but not before being interrupted by a mysterious being. Mystified, Lance sets out on a journey to understand the meaning behind his death.

121) World Game Room
Gay, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Sci-fi, Portal Fantasy / Isekai, StrategyWant to be a winner? “The World Game Room is the most rewarding experience I have ever undertaken. 10/10” DO NOT Click the app that says this!!! You will be entered into a terrifying world and fight for your life every day through puzzles, escape rooms, and survival scenarios. 

122) Chaos Begets Chaos [Lessons Learned The Hard Way]
Queer, Trans, Comedy, Romance, Multiple Lead Characters, Mythos, Urban Fantasy
When July is recruited by Death herself to educate a younger Seer about the supernatural, her first lesson is simple: immortals are dangerous and can’t be trusted. But her warnings fall on deaf ears as her student, Emma, is much too interested in magical beings to be afraid of them.

123) The Princes Garden
BL, Drama, Romance, Anti-Hero Lead, High Fantasy, Multiple Lead Characters, Non-Human lead
While on a diplomatic meeting with the king & queen of Rilleaud, Jaonah shares one impassioned night with a prostitute named Oleander. When Jaonah shows up at the royal family's home, he again encounters Oleander--or rather, Prince Alfonse of Rilleaud. It’sclear that this isn't the only secret Alfonse has.

124) The Alchemists Potion
Trans, Lesbian, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Low Fantasy, Magic
After news of the arrival of an alchemist in town, Snake and his goons force Jamie into breaking in the alchemist's mansion and looking for a potion of strength for another of their poorly thought out plans.
Jamie, however, gets distracted by another kind of potion...

125) Winter
Lesbian, Contemporary, Romance, Short Story, Female Lead, Slice of Life
A short scene between two lovers at the start of winter. Faith is excited to share the first snowfall with her girlfriend.

126) Dida: A Living Computer Inside Your Head
Trans, Drama, Psychological, Artificial Intelligence, Hard Sci-Fi, Short Story, Virtual Reality
In an age of fungal computers inside people's heads, the boundaries between reality and illusion are much harder to distinguish.

127) Our House
Trans, Drama, Horror, Short Story, Urban Fantasy
Andy's family's house has been a weight on him ever since the illness and death of his parents. He discovers an extra door in the house where none should exist. Venturing through, he finds himself on a journey into a surreal world full of painful secrets contained within familiar walls.

128) Original Transformation
Trans, Contemporary, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Soft Sci-Fi, Short Story
Because of Zack's sheltered youth, it took a long time before he discovered that transformation between genders was possible. After leaving his private school for a public one, he discovers how widespread and common transformation is, and he also meets an kindred spirit named Fleur, who will change his life.

129) The Girl Who Chases The Wind
Trans, Intersex, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Gender Bender
A freelance journalist is hired to write about the Mantlemay Project, a free clinic in the middle of nowhere where medical miracles happen through the use of Memetic Crystalline. But the deeper they dig into the enigmatic science and people of the Foundation, the more secrets they will uncover.

130) Lanuleta University: A World of Magical Science and Strange Connections
Yuri?, Drama, Short Story, Gender Bender, School Life, Urban Fantasy
Miguel Reyes has a voice inside his head as his only sign of magical aptitude. The cute girl in his Psychology class, Nasira Jafri, has no interest in talking to him. However, a series of creepy and unexplained events will force them to work together and learn about one another.

131) Necomancer: Just A Touch of Catgirls
Trans, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Slice of Life, Supernatural
A young man with severe social anxiety meets a mad scientist with a humanoid cat and a load of secrets. Granted a Midas-like touch that converts others into catgirls, he must face the consequences of expressing himself and transforming those around him, to discover what holds him back from happiness.

132) Animated World: Drawn In
Trans, Drama, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
Two years ago, an unexplained, global phenomena started converting people all over the world into living works of art. Some remain human, while others are altered drastically. The world has been changed but life goes on...

133) Roll With It
Trans, Comedy, Drama, Short Story, Loop, Low Fantasy, Multiple Lead Characters
While attending an anime convention in Las Vegas, a group of geeky friends bets their weekend on the rolls of a mystical, reality-altering die. But the odds may not be in their favor, as minds, hearts, and futures can change in an instant.

134) Complaints: Working At A Store That Sells Gender-Swapping Products
Trans, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Gender Bender, Multiple Lead Characters, Slice of Life
Working at a store that sells gender-swapping products is never simple or easy, especially when you're in the Returns and Complaints Department.

135) Anime Girls From Another World
Trans, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, Urban Fantasy
Nine years ago, beings who look like anime girls seemingly started appearing in the world. Known as the "Kinrae", they live among us, quietly and peacefully.
Sean Kurtz, a young man with a past he'd rather forget, has idolized the Kinrae since they first arrived.

136) A Fractured Song
Lesbian (side characters), Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Female Lead, Magic, Portal Fantasy / Isekai
After years of abuse from her parents, Frances was summoned with her entire class to the world of Durannon to defeat the "Demon King." If she succeeds, she might have the home she never had. With the help of her mentor, Edana, and newfound friends, Frances might just succeed.

137) A Mouse in the Circuitry - A Kammi Kettu Story
Trans, Action, Comedy, Contemporary, Female Lead, Slice of Life, Super Heroes
Someone has to make gadgets for all the would be heroes, and that someone might as well be Bridget, a relatively popular tech youtuber turned genius mouse girl during the Emergence. How did her early days go, and how different was it in Europe compared to the states?

138) A Jaded Life
Yuri, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Anti-Hero Lead, LitRPG, Virtual Reality
Succesfull gamer Samantha Jade Jacobs, was feeling the bitter sting of betrayal, being kicked from the team she founded and made great when the gaming world was turned upside down. A new type of game was going into Beta and Samantha would be one of the few testers.

139) To Play With Magic
Lesbian, Adventure, Psychological, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Magic, Portal Fantasy / Isekai
"Hello, my name is Alexis," I pronounce, projecting as much confidence as I can at the little camera. 
"Remember, the world ends on a Tuesday."

140) Stray Cat Strut
Lesbian, Action, Artificial Intelligence, Cyberpunk, Female Lead, GameLit, Soft Sci-fi
Catherine 'Cat' Leblanc is an orphan that is about as far from super-rich as one can be. When the Incursion alarms start blaring and the sky starts raining hungry xenos, it's just another blemish on an already piss-poor afternoon. 

141) Through Mist, Veil, and Summer
Lesbian, Adventure, Contemporary, Romance, Low Fantasy, Magic, Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Upon arriving in the small mountain town of Glenwood, Anna Lawrence finds herself caught in the machinations of another world on the other side of the fog: warring witches, animal-headed skypirates, and the boldest, bravest, most interesting girl Anna has ever met.

142) The Adventurers Academy
Lesbian, Adventure, Romance, High Fantasy, Martial Arts, Post Apocalyptic, School Life
Rin Asahiro, a twenty-year-old sex worker, decides to turn her life around and become an adventurer.
Only, she has a vague idea of what the actual occupation of being an adventurer entails. Rin will learn exactly what encompasses the dichotomy of adventuring: Glory and devastation.

143) A Just God's Angels
Agender, Adventure, Comedy, High Fantasy, Multiple Lead Characters, Non-Human lead, Secret Identity
An angel exists in service to their god. This is a universal truth, and one Cardinal Michael aims to uphold no matter what challenges they may face. So...why do they need to hang around this cute annoying elf again? Somehow, this is Julius Goldforge's fault...

144) This Quest is Bullshit
Gay (side characters), Adventure, Comedy, Female Lead, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Stub (first book on Amazon)
The Questing Stones have come to Nowherested, and Evelia Greene is finally ready to receive her life's quest.  Perhaps she'll be a great warrior, or a wealthy merchant, or a brilliant mage, or legendary mission of popping over to the next village to pick up a loaf of bread.  

145) Doing God's Work
Genderfluid, Psychological, Anti-Hero Lead, Magic, Mythos, Strategy, Urban Fantasy
The gods are real and incorporated. Providence is a profitable global monopoly.
But its chief executive is a corrupt authoritarian, the combined might of the divine powers is ignoring humanity’s problems. In this corporate fantasy, it’s up to history’s most maligned immortals to step up and sort things out.

146) Broken Worlds
Asexual, Adventure, Female Lead, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Magic, Portal Fantasy / Isekai, Post Apocalyptic
Tossed onto a mutated Earth, Adi finds herself at the mercy of a remorseless System. With herself and an airheaded bookworm to provide for, she must accept its quest. But she can never return to the home she knew, so she presses forward into the unknown.

147) The Devil's Foundry
Lesbian, Adventure, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Portal Fantasy / Isekai, Super Heroes, Villainous Lead
A snarky villain and her heroic nemesis blow themselves up and land on a fantasy world. They find themselves faced with two prospects: learn to cooperate and respect someone they've fought against for years, or be swept away by the powers that be.
Because Pride always comes before the fall.

148) Ouroboros Ascendant
Gay, Bisexual, Adventure, Horror, LitRPG, Multiple Lead Characters, Portal Fantasy / Isekai
For Jack, Erin, Rory, and Layla, the video game they play together every Saturday isn’t nearly as real or as threatening as the primal world of Ayrgard. Drawn across the darkness between realms for a mysterious purpose they’ll need to survive monsters, politics, and a lurking threat they can’t imagine.

149) Blessed Time
Gay (side character), Adventure, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Magic, Male Lead, Time Loop
Micah Silver was chosen by the gods to bear a mythic power, he longed to take his place amongst the heroes and legends.
Unfortunately his primary blessing only allows him to travel into the past by sacrificing his class, wealth, and levels. Over and over again.

150) The World Beyond the Veil
Lesbian, Adventure, Contemporary, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Magic, Supernatural
After witnessing a brutal massacre, Martin's life would inevitably change. He just hadn't expected exactly how much it would change. How much he would change. How different the world really was, beyond the Veil.

151) Destination: Tomorrow
Lesbian, Action, Horror, Romance, Short Story, Dystopia, Post Apocalyptic
Sara has her own rules during the apocalypse: keep moving, quiet and to yourself. When she meets Katina, those rules go out the window.
While Sara tries to suppress her budding feelings for this strange new girl they must fend off the infected if they want to see tomorrow.

152) The Golden Age
Trans, Lesbian, Action, Portal Fantasy / Isekai, Secret Identity, Super Heroes, Virtual Reality
Robin Sinclair is one of the super hero games top-ranked players, unluckily when thousands of players are actually drawn into the world of the game she is in her level 3 noob account. Avoiding her friends she teams up with three others to answer the call of the hero!

153) Hidden worlds
Lesbian, Psychological, Romance, Female Lead, Magic, Slice of Life, Urban Fantasy
When you're isolated, the nothingness within you grows. When you lack the strength to scream for help, the emptiness comes next.
Fortunately, rescue arrives and saves Jade from herself. She's thrust into a world she never knew existed, and she has only one path left.

154) Midnight Moonlight
Bisexual, Comedy, Romance, Female Lead, Harem, Magic, Urban Fantasy
Abigail is afraid all the time. She jokingly weaves wild stories to explain her state of perpetual anxiety to the people around her. But when her date accidentally lets slip that some of the things Abigail has “made up” are true she’s thrown in a world crazier than she is.

155) The Saintess and the Villainess
Lesbian, Historical, Romance, Female Lead, High Fantasy, Magic, Portal Fantasy / Isekai
When Anne finds herself suddenly reborn as the Saintess, the main character of the novel she had been reading just before she died, she’d rather save the villainous Lady Corvina than fullfill her role as the heroin, but they’ll have to work together to do so.

156) My Delirium Alcazar
Lesbian, Adventure, Dungeon, Magic, Reader interactive, Soft Sci-fi, Urban Fantasy
Plaire Stevens moves into her new house, which is very normal and definitely not haunted.  It's also an interactive story--the protagonist's actions are dictated by the comments section, both here on Royal Road and on the main MDA website.

157) As The World Catches Fire
Lesbian, Drama, Romance, High Fantasy, Magic, Non-Human lead, Ruling Class, War and Military
A young soldier with a difficult past, Rozin has hated the daemons since they stole her life many years ago. So when a routine mission goes awry and she is forced to bind herself to a mythical High Order Rozin finds herself sharing a soul with her worst enemy.

158) Bullets & Spells
Lesbian, Action, Fantasy, Romance, Tragedy, Magic, Multiple Lead Characters
Worlds collide when a young woman is saved by a witch after being double-crossed. The fates of Hollyhock and Hazel become entwined as they delve deeper into their respective worlds of crime and magic. Can they survive the journey for the truth about who they are.

159) Radioactive Femininity
Trans, Comedy, Drama, Female Lead, School Life, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Kenzie Waller has finally overcome a long-time health problem and just wants to have a good time in high school with her friends, especially the sesquipedalian Wesley. 
But she suddenly gains a power which unleashes a field that transforms others around her with feminine energy if they get too close.

Re: LGBTQIA Stories

(If anyone would like the tags/blurb changed I’m entirely willing to edit them! Also, I know we’re still missing like half the stories on this site, so even if it’s dropped/hiatus/short whatever, if you know of any stories that fit please don’t hesitate to drop a link!)

160) Collection of Gender Swapping Shorts
Trans, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Short Story, Multiple Lead Characters, Slice of Life
A growing collection of short tales that feature gender swapping and transformation. Experience strange chain letters, life-changing books, curious phone calls, roadside mysteries, wishing wells, friendly spirits, and so much more.

161) Sisters of Rail
Nonbinary (side characters), Adventure, Fantasy, Psychological, Sci-fi, Cyberpunk, Female Lead, Magic Steampunk
A railpunk serial.
Join farmgirl Charity Wilison on a magic and steam powered adventure as she attempts to flee the demons of her past and present. Her life continually runs further off the rails, yet she can never really escape them.

162) Transposition
Trans, Aromantic, Poly, Fantasy, Contemporary, Psychological, Adventure, Multiple Lead Characters
Seven ordinary friends are kidnapped and imprisoned outside reality by wizards alarmingly interested in the newly-awakened fae blood they didn't know they had. With only each other to rely on, they struggle to adapt to their new and varied natures and get home.

163) Soul Forged
Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual, Nonbinary, Fantasy, Gamelit, Portal Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Millions of players find themselves pulled into an alternate reality based on the game with access to all their character stats and abilities. Amid the confusion, player Sinnamon Roll and NPC Tyressa Pearce find themselves caught in the middle of a bloody player-driven plot to find a way home. 

164) The Fragmented Six (Six Chances)
Gay, Bisexual, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Multiple Lead Characters, Soft Sci-Fi, Strategy
What would you do if your life, memories, and feelings were suddenly tied to another person?
Six people. One life. Assassination attempts, underground weapons dealings, border conflicts, tales of terrifying beasts, and a terrorist organization called ELPIS.
—Everything is connected. Nothing is coincidental. The spark has ignited…!

165) A Sleepless Apocalypse
Gay, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy, Loop, Post Apocalyptic
A Sleepless Apocalypse is the story of surviving after a nuclear apocalypse, but a little more complicated. If you read it without looking too far into it, it's just a post-apocalyptic story with some supernatural stuff.

166) Oracle's Path
LGBTQ, Action, Adventure, Romance, High Fantasy, Multiple Lead Characters, Non-Human Lead, Strong Lead
The twisted dragon queen stirs… Half-elf Oracle Aviana is no stranger to prophecies. With a strong connection since birth to the dragon god, Akorith, the dissonant whispers of fate have followed her from the beginning.

167) Song of the Depths
Yuri?, BL, Drama, Romance, Cyberpunk, Harem, Non-Human Lead, Super Heroes
The Empire wants me to serve, to use the inhuman power the Incident stirred within me. Technically, they asked, but it wasn’t much of a choice. It never is. Serve, or… I refused to be a mindless slave. My life was taken from me once. Never again.

168) Warlock Ex Libris
BL, Adventure, Romance, High Fantasy, Male Lead, Multiple Lead Characters
A book lover with a secret. A warrior with a guarded heart. A kingdom that fears magic...
Rowan is a libriomage, a warlock who can absorb magic from written words. Oliver is a knight with a gruff disposition, A sinister force is descending upon Centaura... and it wants him dead.

169) Arawulf, the First Daughter
Queer (side characters), Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Female Lead,  Multiple Lead Characters, Mythos
Aryselda is a daughter blessed with the Goddess’ holy power, however, she will be forced to put down her sword and enter the political fray of the imperial capital instead. Can she unravel the mysteries regarding the truth of her family and the warring voices in her head and her heart?

170) Rose Jam Thursday
Yuri?, Contemporary, Romance, Short Story, Low Fantasy, Mythos, Slice of Life
Our young protagonist travels to the farmer's market on a hot Thursday morning. They meet someone intriguing.

171) Steeping Love
Yuri?, Contemporary, Romance, Female Lead, Slice of Life
Annabelle doesn't believe in fate, but ever since the day that June walked into her life, she's been tempted to change her mind. Over the course of several months, books are swapped, quips are uttered and most of all, many, many cups of tea are brewed.

172) Yuri next door
Yuri, Comedy, Romance, Female Lead
Kirin was looking for love, but she never thought she would find it so close to home. A fluffy yuri romance between a school teacher and her neighbor, Mari.

173) Blood Fractal
Yuri?, Adventure, Comedy, Contemporary, Fantasy, Romance, LitRPG, Virtual Reality
2021 A young girl of the age of seventeen, a computer game, and a new reality.  Find out what happens to our young friend as she strives to move forward in the game world.  When faced with a choice to become your character, what would you do?

174) Flight of the Princess Sage
Yuri, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Reincarnation, Supernatural
Ancient witch Aurora by making use of complex soul magic reincarnates as the Duke and royal head magician's daughter Lavenna Mehliac in another world. As she grows up she finds many irregularities with this new world's magic system. Watch as she changes the world to find her beloved.

175) I Come From The Water
Yuri, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Anti-Hero Lead, Multiple Lead Characters, Non-Human Lead
Mor is a mermaid, but not one of those lovey dovey kinds that you hear about all over the place. One that kills and eats people, lures humans to their death, and laughs while watching. Unfortunatly for her, on a much neededday off, she ended up going to another world.

176) Lost Heroes: Atalanta
Yuri?, Adventure, Low Fantasy, Mythos, Anti-Hero Lead, Historical, Romance
Odessa, a huntress of Artemis is determined to complete her quest. But as time passes, it becomees more and more apparent that the gods are meddling in mortal affairs. And even worse—she finds herself falling for the fiery huntress Atalanta that she has sworn to protect.

177) Nora and the Search for Friendship
Lesbian (side character), Comedy, Drama, Historical, Female Lead, Reincarnation, Slice of Life
Ellie’s excited to go to university and make friends after a difficult time at high school. However, she’s worried when the book club has her read a really awful historical-fantasy story about what sixteen-year-old Eleanor gets up to at a “prep school” for the children of nobility. Then she dies.

178) Portal Problems
Lesbian, Nonbinary, Trans, Adventure, Drama, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Non-Human Lead, School Life
Marcus is a bored senior with two friends, Jules and Sam. A chance meeting with a new punk student at school, Lucie, eventually leads them four to stumble upon their science teacher's secret lab, including a portal to other universes. After an accident, him and Sam find their bodies transformed.

179) Black Sky
Bisexual, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Multiple Lead Characters, Space Opera, War and Military
Life, not content to stay on those of dust, found a way to challenge the endless space, to leap through the void to find other specks of light.
This is the story of Leonora Horn, aspiring Starfighter Pilot of the Solari Federation and her travels through the Black Sky.

180) Intercessor
Yuri, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Portal Fantas/Isekai, Space Opera
Artemis wakes up alone in a giant futuristic facility with no hint of where she is. Yet within two weeks, she is shot at with all the guns, a voice is beginning to speak in her head. Her only hope is Scarlet, a complete stranger who almost shot her.

181) RU in?
Gay, Action, Adventure, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Multiple Lead Characters, Supernatural
Lily thought her senior year of high school was going to be like everyone elses, but as she takes her little sister around Halloween night, the world changes in a drastic way. Lily needs to keep her sister safe in a now zombie filled world.

182) Seekers
Gay, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Male Lead, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Gamman Terrathor just wanted to work his job as a Seeker by day, and play at night. But his father is killed and brothers attacked. Gamman is forced to step up to protect his mother and siblings, and in doing so, he leaves the love of his life behind.

183) Adventures of the Goldthirst Company
Bisexual, Lesbian, Action, Adventure, Comedy, High Fantasy, Multiple Lead Characters
Get the quest, kill the monsters, grab the loot, don't die. How hard can adventuring be? When the party is a fashionista wizard, a thief that smashes locks, a paladin trying to do the right thing, and an archer that's better at talking to plants than people, apparently pretty hard.

184) Necromancer of Valor
Lesbian (side character), Comedy, Fantasy, Female Lead, Strong Lead
Anastacia Mournvalley is a born and raised necromancer, and a powerful one at that. She had never liked the way necromancers lived and so escaped, hoping to start a fresh life as an adventurer in the city of Valor. But her past still haunts her.

185) Dig a Little Deeper
Queer (side characters), Adventure, High Fantasy, Dungeon, LitRPG, Multiple Lead Characters, Slice of Life
Being a dungeon isn't easy. Past memories just out of reach, not wanting to be a murder pit and trying to find a prupose are just the beginning. It takes time and several hiccups to transition from being a mobile being to being a stationary magic rock.

186) Queer Coffee
Queer, Contemporary, Drama, Romance, Multiple Lead Characters, School Life, Slice of Life
Queer coffee cafè
Each member of staff holds secrets as to why they joined, but when one members secret comes out in the open, will everyone else's be revealed?
187) I Swear my Brother’s the Protagonist of a BL Manga
BL, Comedy, Fantasy, Female Lead, Harem, LitRPG, Strong Lead
Hello. Hashiwara Mitsuko speaking. I'm 16 I have a twin brother, Mitsuo, blood type B, airhead extraordinaire and oblivious gay magnet.
Yeah. Hordes of guys drool over his ass each day, and it's my job to make sure scum like them don't manage to get close enough to contaminate him.

188) Hearts of Rust {Revenge BL}
BL, Drama, High Fantasy, Romance, Anti-Hero Lead, Reincarnation, Ruling Class
Abused and murdered by the hands of his princely bonded, Yuer of the Ayaseen clan is given the chance to go back in time and exact revenge on the very man who tormented him. Join Yuer in his journey of vendetta, self-rediscovery, emotional-healing and love.

189) Must Protect the Saintess’ Chastity! (BL)
BL, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Reincarnation, Strong Lead
Arata Yoshida gets reincarnated as Alovera, a half elf who just regained all his memories. Moreover, he recognizes this world from "The Saintess' Prayer Ascends The Sky"...
If he wants to go back there, he must ensure that the game's MC, the saintess, stays chaste until the world end cataclysm.

190) Crimson Love(BL)
BL, Comedy, Romance, Psychological, Grimdark, Multiple Lead Characters
Four unrelated university students are leading normal lives until destiny plays a game and throws them in dark, twisted web of love and betrayal. All have equally important roles to untangle others and themselves. The question is will they succeed?

191) The Crimson Impress (BL)
BL, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Male Lead, Reincarnation
Shuyu transmigrated into the body of an unfavored young master. It was wiser to bow down his head and pass life quietly by. But what was this giant flaming bird doing? Flapping its majestic wings and spreading its enormous aura, sending all, even the Emperor kneeling down the ground?

192) (BL) System, WTF
BL, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Portal Fantasy/Isekai, Wuxia
I had died naturally and I have no regrets in the age of 50 I'm thankful I saw my family, being successful and happy.
When my life is starting to fade away.
I heard a voice inside my head.
[System initiating a connection to the host, processing complete]

193) A Zombie’s Heart (BL)
BL, Adventure, Low Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Grimdark, Post Apocalyptic
Jack, abused and left to die in his original world, made a desperate deal to be sent to an apocalyptic world, just to have another chance to be with his loved one, only to be met with years of suffering, before he could make his wish true.

194) Petrichor (BL)
BL, Action, Adventure, Horror, Romance, Post Apocalyptic, Strong Lead
The first hints of spring bring with it the Corruption – an anomaly of strange sightings and missing corpses. Shu Haize really isn’t interested, but what was supposed to be a short excursion to locate his only friend has led to something he never signed up for.

195) Dual Rebirth (BL)
BL, Action, Adventure, High Fantasy, Romance, Anti-Hero Lead
One was a God from the God's World that died because the Dragod God Emperor's Greed
The other one on the other hand was a normal man from earth who got fooled by his aunt.
Just how things will work for both of them?

196) Revenge of the Cannon Fodder (BL)
BL, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi, LitRPG, Strong Lead
One day, Xiuran woke up and found himself surrounded by lecherous bandits. Struggling to get away, a voice in his mind called 'System' told him to go right. He went right, then suddenly fell off a cliff, directly into the arms of a cold-blooded general.

197) Angel’s Redemption (BL)
BL, Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Anti-Hero Lead, Urban Fantasy
Twenty four year old Blaine Schneider is seasoned to hardship. After he inherits a beautifully carved angel statue, Blaine's found an apartment big enough to display the lifelike sculpture. But who could ever imagine that there was something, or someone, living inside the stone.

198) One More Time (BL)
BL, Adventure, High Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Xianxia
Ye Chen is a disciple in his sect. He was not able to contract any beast, he was even heavily injured and became bedridden for a month. As he missed this year's chance, he has to wait for another year. However, things are not as simple as he expected.

199) Memory of You (BL)
BL, Contemporary, Drama, Romance, Tragedy
Kang Eunjae, now 27 and about to get married, recalls his college memories that came with losing the only person he truly ever loved.
And... it seems like the flame that kept on going for so long was about to explode by meeting a person from the past.

200) A Warriors Love (BL)
BL, Action, High Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Anti-Hero Lead, Ruling Class
Whoever your lover is, they are your other half. You will endure hardships and pain because of them. You will also make them feel the same. She looked conflicted like she did not know whether to tell me. In their eyes, you are the evilest and the godliest.

201) Slave of the Dark (BL)
BL, Action, Adventure, High Fantasy, Romance, Strong Lead
Sora is the ultimate president of the student council, his boldness added with prestige and grace, has everyone awed. But one day he gets in a pickle and sees no other option but to approach the dark horse Jeha, much to everyone's dismay and shock.

202) True Alpha (BL)
BL, Action, Adventure, High Fantasy, Romance, Multiple Lead Characters, Strong Lead
Hating his omega fate, Jeonja strives to become the strongest wolf, in hopes of challenging the Ultimate Alpha, who is known to be omnipotent and immortal, a wolf who rules the world and is feared by all. But Jeonja never feared the unknown, the only obstruction is his omega status.

203) The Cursed Prince’s Legend Ranked Knight [LitRPG BL]
BL, Action, High Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Non-Human Lead, Portal Fantasy/Isekai
Transported into the fantasy world of a mysterious book left to him by his grandmother, Sergio tries to reverse the disaster that would engulf the entire kingdom by saving the villain, instead of the hero. He never counted on falling head over heels for the cursed prince.

204) Apetite [BL]
BL, Contemporary, Drama, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
A day before his 40th birthday, spring came knocking on Ein's door, and slowly Ein started to open his heart.
Henry's golden irises radiated in the dark night, the cool wind blew gently and Ein watched his blond hair gracefully sway along. He then slowly reached for Ein's left hand.

205) I'm Too Tired of Being OP, So I've Decided to Lives Carefree Lives Instead [BL]
BL, Adventure, High Fantasy, Sci-fi, Portal Fantasy/Isekai, Wuxia, Xianxia
Tokugawa Shinichi was too Powerful due to having transmigrating from worlds to worlds.
Tian Yuanle, the Chinese Immortal Practitioner from the Third World that Shinichi went to.
One wanted to have the other's body, heart, and soul while the other wanted to run away from the man.

206) System...I Really Don’t Care [BL]
BL, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Anti-Hero, Reincarnation, Slice of Life
Xiu Yan is lazy by nature.
After he made the richest company in the world, he thought that he could finally relax but no, life had to just kill him.
Join him on his forced journey to save worlds against his will.

207) Moon Theory [BL]
BL, Action, Horror, Psychological, Soft Sci-fi, Post Apocalyptic, Progression
A population of eight billion was wiped down to the marginals. It started simply. Particle radiation hit a rotating satellite, then a spaceship, then... mass mutation, mass extinction.
But, alternatively, while most have sacrificed for this planet, a young man decides, fuck it all.

208) [BL] Limited Time Offer: Great Transmigration Trip
BL, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Reincarnation, Male Lead
The Ruler of Hell give Cyril Lancaster a limited-time offer, the chance to live again in exchange of collecting the scattered soul fragments from different dimensions or world . . .

209) Rise Behind The Scenes [BL]
BL, Contemporary, Drama, Romance, Male Lead, Strong Lead
Qiao Na Feng was the number one clothes designer and makeup artist of the fashion world until his untimely death.
When he opened his eyes again, he took on another person's identity.
Armed with his previous life's knowledge, he embarks on a journey to rise to the top once more.

210) Forsaken By The Righteous [BL]
BL, Adventure, Drama, High Fantasy, Romance, Multiple Lead Characters, Xianxia
Shuang Xuanyi is a disciple, the smartest one of the most prominent sect, with a bright future.
Zhang Zhixiu is a timid boy and although he does a few dumb things sometimes, only wishes well for the people around him.
The cause of their downfall? A mere spiritual root.

211) Vainglory [BL]
BL, Action, Psychological, Romance, Satire, Harem, Urban Fantasy
In a world were celebrities are licensed to kill. Ratings and the perfect selfie are all that matters. 

212) When Life Stands Still (bxb)
BL, Action, Low Fantasy, Sci-fi, Multiple Lead Characters, Post Apocalyptic, Reincarnation
The world came to an end very unexpectedly. A scientific invention gone wrong. The virus spread through a being that was being modified and experimented on. Within two month the human population on the earth reduced to a mere 35%. The rest?? Cold, Unfeeling, emotionless, and dead walking corpses.

213) From My Enemy to My Love (bxb)
BL, Contemporary, Drama, Romance, Multiple Lead Characters, School Life, Sports
Vincent has always had a desire to protect his best friend from those who would take advantage of his wealth. So when his best friend starts dating someone that Vincent is convinced is only out for his money, Vincent is determined to do all he can to break them up.

214) Tales In The Water (BXB)
BL, Action, Low Fantasy, Romance, Multiple Lead Characters, Non-Human Lead
Calum was happy. Despite something that happened when he was a child. He had a good twin brother, an amazing father, and was doing decently in college. But the night after he had finished freshman year, he saw something. Something far from normal, something extraordinary. Something... supernatural.

215) Deviled Egg
Trans, Action, Drama, Urban Fantasy, Female Lead, Mythos, Non-Human Lead
Peter Donnellan is a regular college student in the far off year of 2089, but when his downstairs neighbor screws up a ritual right under his bed, Peter awakens to a truth about himself he is too scared to admit.

216) My Yuri Adventure
Yuri, Adventure, Comedy, High Fantasy, Romance, Harem, Reincarnation
I'm Sapphire a golem, I was a mage who lived almost three hundred years. I took my soul and transferred it to a golem core. Most of my memories were reset but all my knowledge of my research, magic and combat knowledge remain to make sure I can survive.

217) Magic of Love (a GB yuri yandere story)
Yuri, Adventure, High Fantasy, Romance, Gender Bender, Portal Fantasy/Isekai, Villainous Lead
Jeremy Hillstone was quite normal. Maybe his luck with women was a bit bad. But he was content with his life. Unfortunately, that life had to end as he was transported into another world. Only now he is a... she. And her luck with women is as bad as ever.

218) Monster Yurisume: My lesbian life with Monster Girls
Lesbian, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Multiple Lead Characters, Slice of Life
Now that monster-people have revealed themselves to the world of mankind, Japan is looking for Interspecies Exchange Program hosts. Yuisu didn't really have a plan in mind when she applied to be one. A letter arrived asking for participants and she filled out the form on a whim.

219) Bright “yuri”
Yuri, Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
A story about a girl who started taking notice of her friend's behavior after playing a prank on her....

220) Yuri Haze
Yuri, Comedy, Romance, Female Lead, School Life, Slice of Life
Like falling down a haze. That's what Akari Kono felt when she met Yuka Kimura on their first day of senior high. Immediately hitting off as best friends despite their differences. However as their relationship goes on, Akari begins to wonder whether Yuka sees her as more than a friend.

221) When I'm with you:
WLW, GL, Romance, Comedy, School life, Slice of life, Short story
She followed me to my doorstep, and we embraced in a hug that lasted way longer than it should. As she departed, bidding an I'll text you when I'm home -a mere formality in Singapore- I began to wonder.
Did she feel the same?
In which Rachel has feelings for her best friend Jiamin

222) The Wandering Inn
Gay, Lesbian, Trans (after over 4 million words, all minor side characters), Adventure, Fantasy, Female Lead, LitRPG, Multiple Lead Characters, Portal Fantasy/Isekai 
In this world, to Erin Solstice, an inn seems like a medieval relic from the past. But here she is, running from Goblins and trying to survive in a world full of monsters and magic. She’d be more excited about all of this if everything wasn’t trying to kill her.

223) Potions, Sugar, Ashes.
Lgbtq+, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, High Fantasy, Multiple Lead Characters, Non-Human Lead, Progression
In the fairy tale world of the Faraway Lands, stands the kingdom of Mourania where stories abound. Joy and sorrow, wonder and horror are found in this land. So let me tell you a story with all of this. A story about an enchanted thief, a halfblood prince and a baker witch.

224) At the End of the World
Bisexual, Gothic, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Apocalyptic
The Scions have been locked up all their lives, isolated from any living beings, including each other. When a chance to gain back their freedom and unveil the secrets of their world, and themselves, arrives, they don’t hesitate to take it. Even if they have to kill God to achieve their goals

225) Days of Blood and Roses: A Magical Girl Thriller
GL, Action, Drama, Portal Fantasy, Psychological, Reincarnation, Supernatural
Promises are meant to be kept, but a promise to save a beloved sister leads a group of high school magical girls into a dream of many literary landscapes, yet that promise threatens to debut of a monster from the dreamworld into the waking world.

226) Elsewhere
Bisexual, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Isekai, Drama, GameLit
After the suicide of a close friend and peer role model, he's on the edge of the same fate. But he doesn't follow her. Not even as his resolve to keep going is tested time and time again once he's sent into the worlds of magic and monsters he once longed for. 

227) The Blyther
BL, Mpreg, Dystopian, Drama, Romance, Soft Sci-Fi
With the safety of his village hanging in the balance, Eldon must find a way to hide Milo from the clutches of the government, but can he resist the tenderness, hope, and light Milo and his child bring into the dark corners of his world

228) The Cursed Heart
Trans, Bisexual, Adventure, Contemporary, Low Fantasy, Mystery, School Life
Kayden quickly finds himself embroiled in a large political game he doesn’t understand. But he’d better learn fast. Because the secrets of his new school run deeper than he ever expected, and his actions have far more dangerous consequences than he could ever have known.

229) Survival: Counter Chase 
BL, Contemporary, Action, Mystery, School Life, Soft Scifi, War and Military 
A mute who doesn't know sign language isn't common, one who also doesn't know of his origins more so. Advay is a university student at 18 and meets the mute boy. He is then involved in a counter chase of protecting the mute boy and finding information about his identity.

230) Virtuous Sons: A Greco Ronan Xianxia
BL, Adventure, Low Fantasy, Mythos, Multiple Lead Characters, Wuxia, Xianxia
It is audacity to question the Fates. Olympus is Olympus. The land of men is the land of men. To transgress that, to cross the line of divinity and scale Olympus Mons? To defy the Fates and cast off their threads?

231) For Irision
Demisexual, Adventure, High Fantasy, Romance, Cyberpunk, Post Apocalyptic, Space Opera
After being arrested for treason by the Council for choosing to ignore their orders and try to rescue the inhabitants of a doomed planet, Aries and her crew (Space Corps Trainee crew 761) try to piece their lives back together before the Council makes good on their promise to destroy them.

232) Nisteria Chronicles
Bi/Pansexual, Asexual, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, LitRPG
Kahari, Bedora, Nissa, and Chara are a party of four in the world of Nisteria. As they team up to destroy the shady organization that took everything from Kahari, they find themselves thrust into a conflict older and more complex than they could ever have known. Finding a family along the way.

Asexual, Aromantic, Bisexual, Lesbian, Queer, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Female Lead, Urban Fantasy, School Life
Don't ask Will why she's certain that the clipboard wielding, teaching-assistant looking creep loitering outside of her door is bad news. Even worse, she's sure that he would be up there with the worst things to ever happen to her. She can feel it in her gut.

234) Thick as Thieves
Pan, Adventure, High Fantasy, Romance, Dystopia, Female Lead, Steam Punk
When Darcy makes a deal to become a thief for a crooked pawnshop owner who has the power to save her sister, Sen, they are thrown into a world of magic, mystery and romance. Uprooted from their home in Ring Nine and brought to the Magician Lodgings within the Palace compound. 

235) Record of Lundier
Asexual, Bisexual, Homosexual, Adventure, High Fantasy, Make Lead, Female Lead, Multiple Lead Characters, Non-Human Lead
When a Dragon's scale is one day shattered, its shards scattered across the land, that power runs rampant. For Misha, a mousefolk and dutiful guard of a forest village, life is simple and familiar. But when a stranger appears with news of something amiss in the forest, that familiarity is threatened.

236) Whispers of Long Lost Voices
Lesbian, Bisexual, Aesexual, Sci-Fi, Drama, Female Lead, Multiple Lead Characters, Soft Sci-Fi, Space Opera
Brenn thought she'd lost Rora forever, only to find her years later wrapped up traumas and secrets. Suddenly caring for her wife’s delicate mental health and working motherhood are more difficult than Brenn imagined. And the Aesir empire will stop at nothing to take back Rora and the baby.

237) After the Tilt
Two-Spirit Lead, Non-binary side character, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Multiple Lead Characters, Dystopian, Anti-hero
200 hundred years ago, as civilization was on the verge of collapse, the last remaining scientists gathered in Antarticum to design a life form capable of surviving the great catastrophe known as “the tilt”. Humanity put their hope in us but were we enough.This is me, telling our story.

238) A Drop of Water & Blood
Gay, Bisexual, Action, Mystery, Multiple Lead Characters, Urban Fantasy, Anti-Hero Lead, Non-Human Lead, Progression
The story of a teenage, aspiring journalist turned vampire and his best friend, a secret-sorceress. If it sounds interesting at all, I schedule my updates twice a week, on the weekends.

239) Lemur Goes to Forash
Agender, Asexual, Sci-fi, Genetically Engineered, Multiple Lead Characters, Non-Human Lead
Rakkel arrives in Forash City with nothing but the contents of xir messenger bag and a desire to see the legendary Forash Marketplace.
The only catch is that xir body was long ago converted to that of an anthropomorphic lemur.
Commonplace where xe comes from. In Forash, not so much.

Re: LGBTQIA Stories


Sereminar Wrote: they were teaching me how to spoiler (Thanks a ton gej302!!!!!)

also, there has to be a better way to tag than "Yuri?" for stories with wlw (women loving women). Like, should i just use "wlw" or "GL" or something else? Because like, yuri is a very specific genre with it's own tropes and culture and stuff...

Ah I see. XD

That is a great question. All I know is Yuri is the Japanese term commonly used for lesbian, common in mangas. But strictly speaking, within the Japanese literature it is very broad and can cover writing styles from light and Manga-ish to heavy and serious, focusing on female relationships. So, I would leave it the way it is, and let the readers be the best judge. Also, the descriptions are there to help.

BTW, thank you again for sharing such a comprehensive list!!

Re: LGBTQIA Stories


Sereminar Wrote: they were teaching me how to spoiler (Thanks a ton gej302!!!!!)

no problem... if you use the advanced version, then you can put it like 
[spoiler=List Part 1] partial list [/spoiler]

Spoiler: List Part 1

which might be more obvious for future readers looking for the lists?

Re: LGBTQIA Stories


Crash Wrote: My story Sisters of Rail has a nonbinary main character (not the POV character) and many other nonbinary side characters.  I have it tagged 'Adventure Fantasy Psychological Sci-fi Cyberpunk Female Lead Magic Steampunk' though it doesn't fit especially neatly into a lot of those and I've taken to callilng it 'railpunk'.

Thank you for sharing it here! @sereminar has added it to her list above.