I would like to promote my story.
The plot is that Rosemary, a student of magic, Is determined to find her childhood friend who joined a war notorious for only a few returning alive.

It is told from a 3rd person limited POV With two main characters and a slew of supporting members.

The story is mainly a war-themed adventure novel with an asymmetric magic system. It features sprinkles of extensive lore, LGBT representation, and my desperate attempt at rich characters, with the possibility of the death of major players because I'm a sadist like that.

Chapters aren't on a strict release schedule but I'm currently at around 2~3 a week. They tend to float around 1200~2500 words (10-20 minute read time).

It may not vibe well with this community as it's not an Isekai, power fantasy, RPG/game-themed, or a cultivation story. Instead, it is a typical "born and raised in this world" story with an I-don't-know-I'm-special MC, but if you enjoy a character-driven plot, and boiling conflict then I think this will be fun for you.

Link in the signature :)