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One tip ive always had is to take a scene that has a visual medium such as a scene from a show or movie, or a chapter of a comic or nanga, and write them out using your own words.

Not only what they say and see but what the characters are feeling (physically and emotionally) as well as What the see, smell, hear, ect.

Also try re-writing the scene from different prospective From 1st person from MC point of view, then love interests or villians, or maybe 3rd person omniscient, ect.

One of my favorite examples of this is a friend of my wrote the taming/riding scene for Avatar (big Smurf, not wind boy)  but from the point of view of the bird dragon.

Edit: yes I know the title is a nightmare to read. I have no excuse aside from lack of proof reading.
Spare tip: always proof read at least twice

Re: Write good movie scenes to practices

A good tip/exercise that hides some dangers, unfortunately. The problem is, a cinematic work, in all its forms, is a visual medium. There is a danger/temptation, especially with inexperienced authors, to describe EVERYTHING one would usually see in movies  (He made a backflip, supporting his whole body weight on one arm, his right foot almost hitting his opponent on the left cheek. The hero cursed and brushed away his bluish-purply messily-adorable hair, digging his heels in the ground, leaving deep footprints in the black-sand covering the battlefield... and so-on and so-forth.). This leads to dragging action and oftentimes confusing and unnecessary descriptions. It can suck the tension from an action scene and slow down the overall pace.

So, my take is - enjoy describing movie scenes cautiously.

Re: Write good movie scenes to practices


Ariana Wrote: So, my take is - enjoy describing movie scenes cautiously.

Well yes, but over describing is a problem a lot of people face. My intended take away from this is that by dissecting a scene and putting it into your own words, it helps you better understand story flow and beats.

For this practice the story, dialogue, character appearance, and character personalities are all already present and flushed out so as a writes it allows you to focus on bettering your pacing, show-don't-tell, and perspective writing. 

Its tangentially related to how writing fan fic can help deepen your understanding of character personality and development