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Dear Spellbook is a story I started writing out of an itch to continue a D&D campaign I ran in a homebrewed world. I quickly learned that I didn't actually like being a DM that much, and really just liked writing a story. I adapted the story of the campaign into a single POV story (which is WAY easier to manage than a bunch of contingencies the players MIGHT choose to do.) The events of the plot, being a D&D campaign, were heavily inspired by books/movies/shows. In turning it into a work of its own I scrubbed all the plagiarism off.

This is not a litRPG story, and does not have the mechanical systems of D&D in it at all, but a lot of the story elements were born out of trying to explain some of the unintuitive features of a D&D world.  Classes do not exist outside of being titles for people who fit the mold. The story will go deep into magic systems and explain the differences between them all.

Synopsys: Tal is a sorcerer in a world where they are killed on sight, traveling with a man charged with carrying out the task. Every night Tal must pretend to study his Spellbook to maintain his disguise as a Wizard’s Apprentice. If his disguise slips and his charade is uncovered, it will be his death sentence. Seeking answers to mysteries that arose after his parent’s murder, Tal must accept any allies, no matter the risks, to uncover his family’s secret.

Despite his best efforts to avoid “Adventuring,” as his father would call it, adventure seems determined to find him. The big problems of his past seem to keep being eclipsed by the problems of his present. 

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MAZE the endless quest


Genres: Magical Realism, Modern world, System

As all kids do, Hera wanted to be an explorer. Sadly when she turned 18 she discovered that her stats and lack of skills made her fail the requirements to become one, and she went to work on a bookstore.

That should have been the end of her story. But when she wins a lottery to have her level up she discovers a hidden skill and a rare one at that.

The system gave her dream back, and this time she is not letting it go.

Other Info
The story is about a world where a game-like system is the norm, Everyone has a level, status and even skills are a common thing.

If your stats are good you can even become an explorer, someone that ventures inside a place called MAZE, a dungeon of sorts filled with monsters creatures and things that the regular world is missing such as magic.

The story follows Hera, a woman who wanted to be an explorer but her status were too low to become one. One day she wins a raffle that allows her to level up for the first time giving her the chance to achieve her childhood dream.

It's more about how things work and what you can do with them than about power or revenge.

The rhythm might be a bit slow for some but that is the idea. I want to give sort of a slice of life feeling to most of it.

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Two thousand years ago, Earth had been nearly destroyed. A natural disaster? A planet-wide war? The real answer had been lost to history. Now Humanity is back among the stars and making a name for itself, pivotal in a major victory against the behemoth Thorian Empire. That victory however, was forty years ago, and the Empire is now stirring once more, reminding the smaller races that it is still the big fish in the pond. Can Earth forge through and get the upper hand on the Thorians or would a new existential threat from deep within the galaxy upend everyone's plans?

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Looking for feedback mostly, I’ll be revising the “first book” of my story during the next writaton.

It’s a D&D inspired story about a group of adventurers called the Jellybeans.

Currently the group is separated doing personal things while they wait for Aliya to return with more information about the cursed pendent they recovered.

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Like some others, I conceived of a dungeons story, but with the central idea of making it a high fantasy setting with no game interface and Sanderson Laws-compliant magic system. And the dungeon would need to actually, physically be built by people with actual building skills. 

Demesne is the story of the wizard Lori and her group of settlers, who are one of many groups trying to claim land and settle a newly discovered continent beyond the ocean. Setting up a Dungeon to protect them against the Iridescence, a rapid-growing taint that makes the whole planet hostile to intelligent life, the settlement must start with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the tools in their hands to build a new home. While the Dungeon creates an untainted area they can leave in, the titular demesne, they still need to grow and build everything themselves...

Lori, however, is a bit of a megalomaniac. And thinks the people around her are idiots. And doesn't trust this charismatic young leader who's probably a lord pretending to be a commoner. But if she wants the settlement to eventual go beyond sleeping on the ground and hoping their tents don't leak, she's going to have to work with what she has... and hope the random dragons that come along don't raze everything to the ground.

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Title: Shadow 
Genres: Fantasy. Adventure. Drama, Romance. Harem. Mature. Action. Cultivation. Reincarnation. World Building. Magic and Cultivation. 
After an exalted powerhouse uses an ancient artefact that shakes the universe, a dark soul is born.  
The dark soul finds a body and takes it over. He finds out that his new life will be filled with dangers, uncertainties and schemes.  
To ensure his survival and live a fulfilling life, the Dark Soul must find a solution and a path that is suitable for him to conquer adversity and become powerful.

It is in web novel format -> chapter ~ 1500 words 

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Hey, all,

Thanks for the self-promotion opportunity!

So, my new novel just came out this week. It's called ADVENTURE ACADEMY. LINK:

It's a fantasy story that weaves elements of Norse mythology into its framework; offering a modern twist to timeless tales of heroes, monsters, and otherworldly realms. It follows an adventurer’s journey of self-discovery and redemption as he grows from the experiences earned during his time in the Academy, a place of wonder beyond imagining where death is a constant companion to those who walk its hallowed halls.

Basically, if you're into the modern-day retelling of ancient myths, swords, guns, and magic — then I highly recommend you check this out.

Here's the synopsis below:

The Academy: it is a place where the brave and the inquisitive gather — trailblazers who spend their days' training for the chance to explore unknown lands and challenge unseen dangers all in the name of riches, fame, and honor. To this most esteemed of institutions, a new challenger has arrived. His name is Jack Lantern, and he seeks to join the academy, not for wealth or glory, but to right the wrongs of his past the only way he knows how — to master the ways of the adventurer.

Jack also has a secret. He’s a man out of time, one forced to relive the same day of every death until he can survive each one. Now, that’s not exactly a bad thing. Not for someone who is eager to learn from his mistakes, adapt, and grow to become the kind of adventurer who could change fate and save his world from the War of the Realms before it begins again.  

The clock is ticking down to the end of days... and only Jack has the power to reverse it.

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Chosen of the Veiled God

Warning: Gore; Profanity; Sexual Content; Traumatising content

Synapsis :

Death March Mercenary Company, a bunch of misfits, outcasts and psychopaths.

The smallest and most ruthless group to call the Free Cities their home. If one really wants the job done in the most brutally efficient way, they are the people to hire. Few make the mistake to not pay them and fewer do not honour their contracts with them.

Theirs is a world of assassination, murder and theft, governed only by their own mad code of conduct… and the will of the last god to walk the mortal realm.

The Veiled God has found its new toys, its new chosen ones.

NB! This is an edited and rewritten version of the original story 'Chosen of the Veiled God: Death March' which I posted here on Royal Road back in 2018.

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I've just recently started Record of Lundeir, which I do hope will be worth a look for some folks!

Something has shattered the scale of an ancient Dragon, causing a corrupt power to spread across the land. The mousefolk Misha, and soon other protagonists with their own objectives in mind, find themselves taking part in an adventure to stop this dark power. This tale and the world of Lundeir are both inspired by the fantasy adventures I read as a child such as Deltora Quest and the like, as well as D&D in general. If you enjoy those things as much as I do, I recommend taking a peek!

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H.C. Wrote: Hey everyone! H.C. OGDEN here! In December I completed Star Wars: Life & Death on the Rim (Season 1) and I'm VERY proud and happy with it. I'd love for you to check it out and give it a read! 

Life & Death on the Rim is an episodic journey following the young Corellian pilot Killik Faz as he travels the galaxy of far, far away, escaping his past while undoubtedly heading toward an even more dangerous future. Joined by an unlikely crew of mercenaries, the young man tells his story from first person as he and his companions dive headfirst into a life they thought was the stuff of stories.

This story follows a weekly campaign I am a part of with an incredible, captivating story that is now an in-the-works audio drama/podcast with almost 100 different roles.

Also, for my novel Tales of Shady Grove, the first 3 chapters are available as a teaser right now for the first draft.

Hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment, review, and/or rating.

Ooh I'll be checking this out sir.

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Story: Campaign: A Project Starfarer Sidestory

Genres: Science Fiction, NanoPunk, Action-Adventure

Campaign takes place near the middle of the 22nd century, when humanity has colonized the Solar System. In one of the four great empires of Sol, the Galilean Powers. A meritocratic, post-scarcity society that prides itself on having no laws. Save two. Merit, and Campaign. The former being that its citizens are to have their lives constantly evaluated. And their actions punished or rewarded by addition or subtraction of Merit Points. Which determines their ranking and in turn, determines that individual's quality of life. The latter, Campaign. Was the answer to the problem of cybernetically enhanced individual fighting to their hearts content within their relatively fragile orbital habitats. A law that would relegate all large-scale conflicts to the surfaces of the Galilean Moons of Jupiter.

The primary focus of this story is to follow Jordan Astros, a being who'll become of great importance in the Project Starfarer universe. AFTER Campaign is complete. During this story, we'll see Jordan evolve as a person while he climbs through the ranks of the Powers. Taking him from one of the Endless, nameless citizens in the Powers (E-Ranker) To one of the Sacred (S-Ranker.) As much as we'll see Jordan grow however, we'll see the Powers around him evolve just as much.

This is the fourth story I've drafted for the parent series, Project Starfarer. With this sidestory, and others following after, I hope to both improve my craft and create a Project Starfarer community/fanbase before the trilogy, or larger set, of the main series is released.

Note: I upload around 2 chapters per week, as I refuse to sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity.

Thank you for taking a look and please feel free to comment/review.

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Hello! I would like to promote my LitRPG hybrid, named The Stained Tower, for those looking for something unique, yet familiar. It's not a tower climber, but a story through the eyes of a forgotten woman as she struggles to learn and understand both the strange world she finds herself and her new monster-esque existence.

The soul seeks eternity.
The consciousness seeks existence.
The body seeks exemption.

Now an eerie and spectral existence, in an era centuries ahead of her own, Constance Nightingale finds herself tumbling toward a modern-day Earth on the verge of a system apocalypse.

Constance refuses to lie down and die, yet things are made ever more complicated as she realizes her survival relies on siphoning and collecting Essence from other creatures—a parasite some would term her. Nevertheless, in the concrete jungle, she scarcely understands, she shall struggle and endeavor to improve in hopes of someday becoming an extraordinary presence that Towers high above the deranged city she finds herself.

Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Female Lead, LitRPG, Low Fantasy, Magic, Non-Human lead, Reincarnation, Supernatural, & Urban Fantasy.

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So I wrote a little story.  You may find it to your liking if you enjoy the style of Douglas Adams.  

There's a tiny bomb in a very large building, and the 23rd Dimension Spacetime Owners Association seek help from a man who's expertise with bombs is borderline intimate.

While the story is fairly dialogue driven, there are plenty of laughs to be had.  As well, you might catch a few inside jokes, if you've ever tried to acquiring funding for guided missile development in the late 1950's.  


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Took me a month for somebody to tell me to come here to promote. Sorry but I will do some editing after I finish the first book.

The idea that had been brewing in my head for some years was to make myself a system based on the hxh power system. 
I like it, as it depends on the mentality of the user more then anything but its not easy to make correctly so I hesitated for a long time in doing this. 

Story starts with the MC of the first book Mir. His first death awakens him to the truth that all that he lived so far had been a fake simulated life, forced onto him by circumstances. But fate, and by that I mean me decided to change it. 
The first part of book one will be his return home and the second one which I have just started will be traveling the World to see how it works. 
The Idea was that before the second book, he comes home and starts making the system and from then on he will spread his it to the world and book two will see the initial signs of it happening.

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To those who want a main character inherently flawed, awful yet reminds you of that mad Uncle we all have...
If those criteria fulfill your wants and wishes... then you are a terrible person. Pleasure to meet you! At Least you didn't write a character like that. Welcome to the low road! I'll show ye' where to avoid the boggy patches and will help keep y'er socks gettin' wet!


Do You Remember It?

The Fallen City follows Gale Mayfair. An alcoholic, belligerent man with a dysfunctional relationship with his son and a passionate hatred for the world. He lives a sorry and pathetic life.
But his dreams are far from it. Gale dreams every night of a vast ruined City. A City once filled with life, visisted by every man, woman and child that ever existed. This City nurtured us, it brought us from the mud. It gave us reason, it gave us intelligence, it made us brave...
Yet Humanity forgot about it. We all abandoned it... We betrayed it, in the most fundamental way...
And because of our betrayal, the City is now dying...

Nothing else matters anymore. Nothing else equates to it. Gale's sole purpose now is to save the City of dreams, no matter the cost, no matter the sacrifices...
No matter who he abandons along the way...

You must return to the City.

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Genre: Fairy tale fantasy, adventure with a touch of slice of life.

In the fairy tale world of the Faraway Lands, stands the kingdom of Mourania where stories abound. Joy and sorrow, wonder and horror are found in this land. So let me tell you a story with all of this. A story about an enchanted thief, a halfblood prince and a baker witch.

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Title: "A Man Led by the Heart of Another World". Alternative titles: "The Creator, the Observer, the Heart and the Scientist", "Story of One Cycle", "The "Theory of Everything" by the Scientist, Who is Walking Over Corpses", "Path to the Truth, which is Leading to Nowhere". Synopsis:

Warning: hard to read. There will be no "system". The Observer is not a MC.

The Heart of the World is the most mysterious, but at the same time beautiful phenomenon. The epitome of the cyclical nature of being.

Hidden from the eyes of even the most desperate explorers deep in the bowels of the planet, it waited for the moment when the "vein" would bring it the soul of a certain person. The man to whom this world was alien also wanted to meet Heart again to tell it his story.

That story will be about the very beginning of Everything, about the Observer and his sacrifice, but most of all the man wanted to tell his story. The story of a Man Led by the Heart of Another World.

Deus ex ratione transcendentis. God from the transcendent reason. A priori: creating Everything out of Nothing. A posteriori: Observer's pain, the essence of observation, induction, deduction, testing and evaluation. Internal conflicts and moral dillemmas of MC: «Am I a trembling creature, or do I have a right?» (quote from "Crime and Punishment") and memory problems.
It is more about the philosophy, epistemology, human being and some other "high-IQ stuff".
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