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Want to read a thrilling story? Want to immerse yourself in a vast and magical world? Had enough of insta-love and want to savor a nice slow-burn romance?

Then The Beast and The Swallow is the story for you! 

In a far-away land of snow and mystery, the fates of two bastards entangle.

He is a warrior and a ruler. She is a physician with a tormented past.

Now both of them will have to learn not only to live together but also to fight against any and all that threaten to ruin their happiness. Amongst chaos, schemes, and war, will they manage to fulfill the most difficult task - finding the way to each other's heart and soul?

The path won’t be easy. A dark cult and even darker magic are resurfacing after years of slumber. And while they wreak havoc in the lands of Norden, the Star-gazer’s voice echoes in the night heralding a dangerous future:

When the Beast falls, the Swallow shall triumph.

For the Sun to shine over Norden, the Swallow must be devoured.

Come and have a dive into the vast snowy planes of Norden. The adventure is just beginning.



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Looking for something that's dark and gritty with a female protagonist? Check out Dishonor for you post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi fix. Highly character driven story that starts out in a prison, becomes an adventure story, and dabbles in romance. Full story is currently at 125,000 words (and is still in progress). I am posting a chapter a week until I catch up to what I have written so far.

 I am Dishonored. I am the lowest caste in a city of honor. I live in a prison with only the promise of death. I am a mouth to feed in an overpopulated city that no one can leave.

The City was built by the wealthy to withstand a nuclear blast, and it did; leaving its citizens trapped within its twisted sanctuary. A classist honor system developed that ensured the wealthy maintained their place within the walls, and the less fortunate were held prisoner. Liv was born as one of the most honored citizens of the city; one of the noble class. After her father was executed for treason, she was striped of her honor, and without honor, she was nothing. Facing life in prison with the criminal scum of an overpopulated city that could care less if the lowest caste died, Liv is determined to regain her honor and former status. With nothing left to lose, she is willing to do anything to avenge her father and regain her honor.


Looking for something a bit shorter? Ghoster is a collection of short stories set in a sci-fi world where everyone lives with augmented reality built into their bodies. Each chapter is a standalone story written in third person past tense. (Currently 2 stories in Ghoster with more planned but not written yet)

The virtual world is everything. With sensors, computer chip implants, contact lenses and an internet connection you can also live in the virtual world! Don't worry about how you don't look like a model. The virtual world can fix that. It can make it so that everyone sees you how you see yourself! With job leveling and virtual pets, everything is better in the virtual world! Come to an Insinc office today to get equipped to enter the virtual world.

Life Without Memory

With shorter chapters split into small volumes, "Life Without Memory" is more of a traditional web novel. The writing style itself is the experimental part of this work. With a first person present tense/second person style this story focuses in on the thoughts of the main character. In this story machine, mind, and something magical combine to make the MC an interesting read. This story is currently being post on Royal Road, but I have a backlog of chapters with ~70,000 words already written for this story. (Sci-fan story)

I don't remember who I am. I forgot. I don't feel pain. I don't have feelings. This is what I must do to live. It is my way. That is, until I killed a guard with my mind to save my cellmate, Nathan.

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Hi! If you're looking for a Royal Road story that's highly polished, more reminiscent of a traditionally-published novel, check out Nomads of the Sea. It's a complete novel with a discrete beginning, middle, and end. It's 185,000 words of multi-POV, epic fantasy that's comparable in style to something like Joe Abercrombie "First Law" trilogy. The story follows three characters on two different continents and two vastly different cultures. There's warfare, romance, and everything in between. Three chapters are released every week.

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This is my first work of writing. 

I'm a scientist reading some fantasy/isekai and just got bored by the excess fantasy (yeah, i know, that's the point of reading fantasy). 

I'm trying to imagine what a transmigration would look like for real. If you get thrown in a fantasy world but without the usual clichés : No system, no cheat power, you don't get to become a noble or whatever. 

How do you manage to thrive when you start as just another commoner's kid ? Whithout riches or influence. How to implement your scientific knowledge or push towards modernization instead of becoming just another farmer or canon fodder ? 

The story is a slow start as the beginings are grindy. You can't expect a kid to throw black powder and sulfuric acid around without some preparations. But in time this will be an engineer's dream with techno magic and some deserved growth. I already planned my tipping points and ending so that the story makes sense as a whole once finished.

As it is a first work from a non litterary dude, expect messy wording, editing errors and other shenanigans. Even worse: I'm french, so althought my technical english is fine, my litterary english is wonky. 

I make things better as people point at my errors.

 At least i now understand why editor is a job. ^^

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Saga of the Cosmic Heroes

(first cover art by gar32 on twitter, second by Liskim on twitter)


Character-driven sci-fi space opera set in approximately the 29th century AD (or 3rd century UC) in a setting where humanity is united under an interstellar Federation past its zenith. The story follows a young Victoria Happ-Schwarzenberger through a first-person narrative as she follows in her father's footsteps and enlists in the Metropolitan Space Navy in events that will change her course forever.

Joining the narrative is Li Chou, known as the Madame Scarface. She serves as a lieutenant under a pirate republic ruled by her ruthless adoptive father nestled in the outer hinges of Federation authority. And Alexandra Descartes-Dolz, a colonial spacenoid with the aspirations of changing the decadent Federation's injustices. This saga tells of their intertwining destinies and the struggles they face along the way.

Besides the three main characters, the story also explores points of views from a variety of side/minor characters as well.

The story is written in first-person present tense for main characters, and limited third-person for side/minor characters. There will only be one PoV for a chapter, though.

  • Female leads
  • Space Opera
  • Strategy
  • War and Military
  • Multiple Lead Characters
May contain
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content
  • waifus you want to protecc
Update schedule varies; there may be a chapter once a week, or maybe twice a week. 

I also commission chapter art from various freelancer artists frequently, mostly done in anime style.

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How about a story about a talking cat, the 80s in spaceguns and pizza party?  WELCOME TO:

In a near future and the merciless cosmos survives Lee, the space Maine Coon, despite his ready tongue and his sassy feline comments giving him nothing but troubles. Fortunately, he goes along with "his" sapiens and partner : Ali, a violent and cheeky young woman who only swears by her Desert Eagle .50 and her oversized soda cups. Aboard their mythical ship, the Kitty, this duo of bounty hunters travels trough the faithless and lawless void, staging a succession of disasters and Betamax binge watching.

"The future that never was" is an action-driven science-fiction book series for adults borrowing from different sub-genres such as space opera, space western, cassette futurism and cyberpunk.
Its first story, "KITTY KITTY", has a unique and deeply retro universe. Because, in this uchronia, the Soviets planted the Red Flag on the Moon in 1955. Since then, mankind has relentlessly pushed its colonies to the ends of the solar system. It devotes all its scientific and industrial resources to it. This means that, during the events of "KITTY KITTY", its cultural codes seem frozen in some alternative 1980s. Floppy disks are kings and David Hasselhoff is the ultimate galactic superstar; Robots do all the work and the packs of cigarettes are cheaper than ever! Yet, life is hard. As humanity is expanding trough the Kuiper Belt and the New Worlds, the overly consumerist society is slowly collapsing because of the never-ending corpo-wars and the blatant technocratic corruption. 

"KITTY KITTY"  is finished and published, in French, on amazon. During the first semester of 2021, I plan to provide an unrated and extended English edition as I always wanted. Each episode will be posted, one by one, on Royal Road ever.

Are you ready for the eternal 80's? DIVE IN IT!

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Name: Paradox

Species: Snake, ?

Description: A tiny snake with great potential.

That was who I was. That was what I was. A tiny snake with great potential. The sole creation of the Great Core.
It was just us, the Great Core and I, tucked away in our little corner of the World Dungeon. Together, we hid from the bad-things and the Coreless of the world outside - safe from the horrors that would consume us.
Until, one day, the Coreless found us. Until they tried to steal away my creator. Until, with no other option, I swallowed the Great Core that had made me.
Only after that did I become what I was always meant to be.
At last, I became the Great Core's Paradox in more than name.
[The Endless Cycle] began.

Thus begins the story of a little snake zealot and his journey to greatness.

The Great Core's Paradox

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Low-down, dirty, old school sci-fi

If that got your attention, you're in the right place.

The story of mankind's last stand ended for the survivors when they jumped away bare moments from the destruction that had already devastated Sol system.  No one knows what happened to those left behind in the face of an alien invasion fleet that swept aside Jupiter station, Mars, and the asteroid belt along with the mightiest starships and men born of Sol.  

This is the story of a single scout ship and her crew sent to discover what happened.

Return to Sol System updates a minimum of once per week at 17:30 Eastern, sometimes more frequently.  If you've made it this far, well, grab your space suit, top off your air tanks, hop in, and take a look!

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Looking for something more laid-back? Something that focuses more on character development than the fact that one char teams up with a pirate to save the other char who happens to be trapped in a world full of cat-obsessed dinosaurs? Looking for something without too many descriptions or grammatical mistakes? Looking for something that updates twice a week? Looking for your phone charger?
Well, I can't help you with that last one, but for the rest Split Souls might be what you're looking for. Link in signature ^.^

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Mail Fox Tales

When trying to save an injured animal while drunk you don't really expect many consequences. If you were sober, you'd likely expect to be saddled with a few bills and some work finding the owner.
In either case, being saddled with divine duties by an ancient animal spirit is probably not amongst the things you expect. Neither did Eva when she picked up an injured canine after an evening out drinking with a friend to celebrate their arrival in Tokyo.
At least those duties are little more than a part time job as a delivery-fox. And they come with room and board, as well as making her life that much more interesting.

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I have a few that I am working on, the most active or that I have the biggest muse for is in my signature below, but the one that my muse is really supercharged for is this one:

You can read the better description though by going to the page itself:

But basically, it was the idea I came up with when I wanted to have multiple Reincarnators, faction conflict, and a lot of really juicy drama and plot and story.  Also, since so many of them seem to use swords or fists from what I read before coming here, a MC that used magic mainly.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatizing content
Eight Thousand Years after the Glassing of Earth, Terran Descent Humanity has largely become a post-scarcity society based on consent and enjoying life. With the discovery of another ancient race beyond the "Great Gulf", events and history collide to draw the Terran Confederacy into war against an hundred million year old empire that has always won and believes it always will. With allies and enemies of multiple species, the Orion Galactic Arm Spur will be wracked by warfare the likes of which have not been seen. Cracked, harried, wounded, and damaged, Terran Descent Humanity willfully throws itself against the universe itself.

"The universe hates you and will take away everything you love, laughing while it does so." - Terran belief.

A wiki is available (although under construction) at:

Told largely from the viewpoint of other species, the story is currently ongoing. It involves graphic depictions of violence, war, adult language and situations, drug use, and other mature topics.

The story will be updated on weekdays, so keep an eye on this page for more chapters.

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This seems like a good time to say hi since I just started posting my novel this month!
Hack and Slash is a novel about a young woman who survives the end of the world by having her body cryogenically frozen while her body is uploaded into a virtual reality built from several video games sort smashed together. Gwen (my character) becomes a Half-Elf Hunter and is immediately dragged into trouble when she is attacked within moments of appearing in the game by a monster that should not exist.
It's a LitRPG or GameLit, if you prefer, novel with a focus on a Dungeons and Dragons aesthetic because that's what I grew up playing more than anything else! I started reading the LitRPG genre a few years ago (some on this site, in fact) and I really wanted to have a go, so I wrote this. It has been edited and I have done my best to catch any typos or inconsistencies in the story, but if you find any I would appreciate the heads up. 
Anyway, I'm not really sure what to say after this point, please check out my story! I post a new chapter every weekday.
Hack and Slash (LitRPG) | Royal Road

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Hello Everyone,

my current story is a non-litRPG high-fantasy fiction with a focus on mutations and superhuman abilities (which are being explained) and later high fantasy with magic.

current word count: 65000 

Here is the link and synopsis:

Children of Nemeah | Royal Road

Something evil lurks in Nemeah. Changelings possess ordinary citizens and turn them into horrific monsters with terrible capabilities. 

The only group able to deal with this threat is the mysterious Red Brigade. Empowered by the goddess Akali, they gain the strength needed to kill these unfortunate souls. Until a normal guardsman, Siegfried, cuts down one of the changelings.


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My fiction is a post Armageddon, science fiction, fantasy, and space opera series. Up to book three and 1500+ pages for those looking for a consistent series. In a universe populated by ascended Humans and Anforms, Demons and Angels, science and magic, the the last mortal human arrives, seeking answers and a way home.

A son of the CEO of a galactic corporate empire had little prospects. Gideon McDonough took the only opportunity he had for a true life of glory; test flying the newest breakthrough in interstellar travel on the hidden planet of Karmmrak. The flight critically fails, with Gideon and his crew being sent to the edges of the strange uncharted universe, all occupied by humanity's first contact and greatest enemy.
An automata of strange origins is buried under rock and soil of an unknown planet. Trapped in her tomb of rocks and debris for eons, she is forced to relive the same day for eternity. Damaged and alone, Sol tries to alert others to her plight, unable to move or repair herself. A bizarre rescuer comes to her aid unintentionally, and thus begins her journey of rediscovery of who she was. Sol discovers she’s far more than realized.

A Fallen Angel is freed from her prison. Her calling: the analysis, dissection, and combating of Demons in the name of Lucifer. Amy, Angel of Magic and the Liberal Arts is not well respected or appreciated by the other Fallen. Desperate to gain her dark Lord's affection, she hatches a scheme with her minions. Theft, chaos, mayhem, and perhaps tea parties, all for the glory of her fallen lord.
The disturbing dreams and visions all foreshadow a dark future.
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