Oasis follows Kairen, a teenage boy who finds himself in control of the development of an Oasis, a static point of safety surrounded by the dangerous desert known as the Shifting Sands. Kairen will have to carefully choose his upgrades, because the monsters waiting outside would love to devour his magic and essence. Monsters are not the only things interested in a new source of water, and various groups of people all are interested in the opportunities that an Oasis can provide.

Currently there are 9 chapters posted, another 4 written, and a four page plot outline that should keep the narrative mostly on track. Instead of building off the mechanics of Dungeon Keeper, Oasis draws from a collection of strategy games ranging from Frostpunk to Populous to Reus as it attempts to recreate the feel of managing and building an area in a hands-off manner. Combined with a wider world that I've been developing for years and I hope to create something that's unique and enjoyable.

Give it a read and let me know what you think!