Re: The Moon

My lady, your manners are lacking. And your speech is quite informal. I can't say mine is much better, but I'm still quite shocked.
Perhaps it's because it's written mannerisms and not spoken, then?
Sigh. And I thought I had taught you to be better than that.
I guess my lessons didn't stick with you very well over the internet, did they?

Re: The Moon


DrBuller Wrote: Welcome to the earth/website

We already have one lime lover. It is a small world I guess. Hope you enjoy your stay!

photogenic duck

Thank you, I'm quite enjoying my stay so far. I hope to continue to do so for quite some time.

And, might I add, that is quite a lovely duck. Thank you.
I'm not sure how to smile on the internet, but I hope that it is inferred through my words.

Re: The Moon


Imnotagoodwriter Wrote: He said he would marry you, remember?

Tut tut.

Young man, you misunderstand my intentions.
I cannot let anyone else get close to my lady, lest they taint her mind and soul. I shall not let any filth near her as long as I can help it.