My wish

I don't think I really want to be in someone's head at the same time as they are thinking about Volare. That means something bad has likely occurred, and I want no part of it. It... Disturbs me. Ew.
Do not trust Volare. No matter what.
However, with that out of the way... What would I do, huh?
Well, I'm honestly... Um...
Probably rewrite reality itself and make the character I made, the REAL lime(I'm technically not lime, I'm named after one of my characters), real.
I'd bring someone from my story to life.
As my username suggests, I love lime. She is an embodiment of everything I want in a person, to a certain extent.
I'm assuming Volare was also talking about my character Lime, too... 
Because I really don't want to think he meant me, seriously.
I think that's what I want most.
A person I can love for eternity, who can make me happy just by being close to them. The thought of them in my mind bringing me true joy.
I like life. I want to live forever. I want to be omnipotent.
Simple, yet very grand. Life, Immortality, and Omnipotence are all but a single word each, yet the depth they have and the weight they carry is immense.
But I want something I can finally care about in my life.
Something I feel I can devote myself to properly.
Something I won't ever be able to abandon.
Something I would even die for. Regardless of my obsession with immortality.
I want... Love.

Re: To Fly


Nestor1079 Wrote: Isn't having multiple accounts against the rules?

No. It isn't. Here:
Or, if that doesn't really cut it:

 Can I have more than one account on Royal Road?

Yes, as long as you do not use them for vote manipulation or for breaking any of our rules and policies. Disrespecting this will result in disciplinary measures against all accounts.

Directly from the FAQ...
But my alt is Amnesia's account technically. It's more of a shared account, but I use it myself pretty often. 
Do NOT lump me in with Volare.
Edit: I should mention that Volare is Amnesias alt, though. So that's amnesia when he isn't acting like a weirdo. Or, at least less of a weirdo and more of a jerk.
And please, before you post something about the rules, it might be best to check them before assuming or guessing. Even a question can cause doubts and misinformation for those easily misinformed.
Best wishes,