Welcome, one and all, to my little promotion space here on Royal Road! The name is Ayumu or WICKED; pleasure to meet you. Before we continue, I feel it's important to warn you of some things regarding my first work: 

"calamity — a collection of short stories" contains: 

gore, self harm, mentions of guns, blood, cursing, and more. If you're okay with this, continue! 

"Calamity" is an anthology of psychological thrillers and horrors; each short story ranges anywhere between one and ten pages. If you're looking for something to give you a quick little spook and a slight stir of the mind, this is the place to be! As the title of this post (and the book) says, "calamity" will be refreshed every Friday at 5:00AM CST. 

Tip: Don't know what time that would be for you? Check out timeanddate.com's Time Zone Converter page! 

After every little story is a cute poll that asks you to rate its contents anywhere between (and including) 1 and 5. You're not required to answer to this poll, of course, but it would be greatly welcomed! 

If you have any questions, my direct messages are open. Have a spooky day/night!